Plaguing Hulk

Not to be confused with Slekeleon

Plaguing Hulk
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The Plaguing Hulk is a Special Enemy. He is the mini-boss variant of the skeletons, frequently found in the Chaos Expeditions, Onslaught and Incursions maps. It has a slow attack speed and movement speed, however, also has one of the most powerful melee attacks in the game with it's high damage and very large attack range. The Plaguing Hulk also has an invisible aura around him which slowly damages players within range, although the damage tends to be hardly noticeable. Notably, he seems to have a higher than normal resistance to stuns.


Since the Plaguing Hulk is slow and has slow attacks he can be baited into swinging then the player can back up making him miss, though he can still become a threat if left to break through your defenses. While his aura does some damage it wont hurt defenses, so you can use blockades to stay at range while fighting. As a miniboss he has a very high amount of health.

Be careful with tower placement, as his attacks can easily hit any towers directly behind barricades.

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