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Loading Screen featuring a tower of each four base heroes.

Defenses are the core to defending Etheria.
They require Green Mana to be built, upgraded and repaired.
Most Heroes have 4 defenses; The Barbarian and Gunwitch have no defenses; and the Dryad and Mystic have a 5th defense.
There are 5 types of Defenses: Towers, Blockades, Traps, Auras and Nodes.


Blockades are Defenses that focus on Defense. They have wide hitboxes with a lot of health and usually do not have much range.
Blockades deal damage, but they can also have a supporting role such as slowing or stunning enemies, and buffing heroes.

They include:


Towers are Defenses that focus on Offense. They have small hitboxes with some health and often a large range cap.
There is much variation between towers, some have projectiles, others have beams. Most are damaging, but there are also CC Towers. They can be AoE or Single Target.

They include:


Traps are Defenses that focus on Offense. As health they have an certain amount of charges. They have a small trigger radius and a larger detonation radius, each trigger removes a charge.
The Dryad is an exception, her traps act more like Auras, no trigger radius and a percentage as health.
Traps are mainly damage dealers, but they can have supporting rolls such as slowing, stunning or charming enemies.

They include:


Auras are Defenses that focus on Offense. As health they have a durability displayed by a percentage. They have a medium range cap.
Auras are damage dealers, with rarely some supporting rolls like buffing defenses.

They include:


Nodes are Defenses that focus on utility, made of multiple nodes, requiring at least 2 placed nodes to be summoned. As health they have a durability displayed by a percentage. They have set ranges.
Nodes are very useful for support such as reflecting projectiles, buffing defenses, and stunning enemies.

They include:



Each Defense costs a specific amount of green mana to build. When building a defense it costs green mana and Defense Units. The Defense Units lost from building a defense is refunded when the defense is either sold or destroyed.


A Player may Upgrade a defense by pressing Q (by default) and then left clicking on a Defense.

Upgrading a defense costs different amounts of green mana for each upgrade tier:

Upgrade Cost
Tier 1 -> 2 50
Tier 2 -> 3 100
Tier 3 -> 4 150
Tier 4 -> 5 200


A player can repair a Defense by pressing R (by default) and then left clicking on a defense.
Formula: Base Green Mana Cost * 75% * % of missing health
So repairing a defense such as the Flameburst Tower for example it costs 40 green mana and repairing it from 50% health will cost 15 green mana.

  • Repairing a Defense does not change in cost according to the upgrade tier. The repair cost is always based off of the base cost of the Tier 1 version of the Defense


A Player may sell a defense by pressing Z (by default) and then left clicking on the defense.
Formula: Total Green Mana Cost * 75% * % of missing health

  • A Defense will sell for green mana based on its condition and upgrade status.
A Defense sold in the same build phase it was built in will give a full refund, including any green mana spent on upgrades.
If the defense is sold at any other point after it has been built will sell for 75% of its cost (Including Upgrade costs) times its percent health left.