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Expeditions Loading Screen.png
Expeditions is a game mode primarily used for farming and progression. It comes right after Adventures in difficulty, and features a different special enemy in every Chaos difficulty.

Chaos Tiers

Vanguard Icon.png
Gorbstock lane icon.png

Chaos I

Vanguards are shield goblins who block all projectile attacks from their front side. Projectiles attacks will be ineffective, so avoid projectiles unless you have a piercer servo/chip or you are able to attack them from behind with projectiles.

Cybork Icon.png
Thorc lane icon.png

Chaos II

Cybork are orcs who send out a projectile with each attack that will disable any Auras, Traps, and Nodes. Stick to using Towers and Blockades unless your Auras, Traps, and Nodes are equipped with a 100% Tenacity Servo or the Automation Shard (either of these will prevent your defenses from being disabled). A common strategy high level players who still wish to use Auras, Traps, and Nodes use is to equip a 100% Tenacity Servo or Automation on their Reflect Beam. Because the Cybork's attack sends out a projectile, the Reflect Beam is capable of reflecting these projectiles back, keeping your Auras, Traps, and Nodes safe.

Geode Icon.png
Geode Prime lane icon.png

Chaos III

Shield Geodes produce a spherical projectile shield which will reflect all projectile attacks. Projectile attacks will largely be ineffective unless you can get inside the shield and damage the Shield Geode's core. Using projectile based defenses is highly discouraged unless they are equipped with piercer servo.

Berserker Orc Icon.png

Chaos IV

Berserker Orcs are tanky, fast moving, and hard hitting lady orcs with immunity to all slowing effects. They should be prioritized and eliminated quickly, as they can make quick work of your Blockades and/or slip through to your Crystal Core if left unchecked.

Dark Assassin Icon.png
Skarnash Miniboss Icon.png

Chaos V

Dark Assassins are flying enemies that exclusively focus on attacking the player (although they can still damage Defenses or the Crystal Core if you bring them within striking distance). After spawning, they will target a player. If you are targeted, purple smoke will appear around your hero and you will hear a hissing sound. Shortly afterwards, the Dark Assassin will teleport onto your hero, disabling your hero abilities and basic attacks. You will still be able to move around and use your pet ability. They can be countered by utilizing Defenses or pet abilities that can stun or knock up enemies, or by simply killing them with Defenses before they kill you.

Regular Hex Thrower Icon.png
Hex Thrower Miniboss Icon.png

Chaos VI

Hex Throwers are elite javelin throwers who can attack your defenses from extremely far away. Their attacks leave a devastating curse on your Defenses in an area on hit. The easiest way to counter them is by using the EV2's Reflect Beam. If you don't have EV2, avoid clumping Defenses around your Blockades.

Kobolt Icon.png
Zapper Icon.png

Chaos VII

Kobolts are special flying kobolds that focus on dive bombing your Towers. On contact, they will explode, dealing a large amount of damage and disabling your Towers. If you do choose to use Towers, be very careful with your placement.


Chaos VIII

Death Weavers are spiders which leave a spider web on the ground after they are killed. These spider webs will curse your defenses, decreasing attack speed, damage, and range. These webs cannot be countered by 100% Tenacity Servo or Automation. These spiders also hit quite hard and have a decent amount of health, and they'll also web you and slow you down if they hit you. Due to their webs, Auras, Traps, and Nodes are generally not recommended.


Chaos IX

Elder Wyverns are grounded wyverns that buff nearby enemies, providing damage resistance and immunity to any Crowd Control effects. Because of this buff, you are essentially forced into high damage setups that kill the enemies with raw damage. The most commonly employed strategy for Chaos 9 is a Fissure of Embermount build with the Embermount Flames mod, which allows the Fissure to continue damaging enemies even after they have moved out of range.

War Party Icons.png

Chaos X

Unlike the prior chaos tiers, this one excludes some common enemies such as Witherbeasts, Dark Mages, and Dark Assassins.
Orc Chieftains are bulky leaders of the Goblins and Orcs. When their health is low, they unleash a rallying Warcry, granting themselves increased speed, healing over time, and near-immunity to damage and status ailments for several seconds. Nearby Orcs and Goblins have their speed and damage reduction increased, along with healing over time.
Orc Queens are relentless fighters who cannot be slowed or stunned, and they have higher health than Berserker Orcs.
Berserker Goblins are fanatical goblins that have bombs strapped to their back. Upon being killed the bomb explodes, stunning nearby defenses. Though it can be countered with 100% Tenacity Servo or Automation.