Goblin Item Insurance

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Goblin Item Insurance Info.png


"An uncommon goblin relic used at Professor Proteus to save your gear from total destruction."


You can purchase a Goblin Insurance from the Black Market Dealer.
There is 3 different payment methods through the dealer, they consist of:

Though it isn't required or needed to buy from the dealer in order to obtain the Goblin Item Insurance it can be bought through other players using the Player Shops.

How To Use

If you plan to move mods over to the item on the right side but still want to keep the left item, you'll have to press Shift on Keyboard or Left Trigger on Controller. Note: this is toggle.
You'll see a small Goblin Item insurance icon at the bottom, this means it is selected.
Once the tinkering is complete it'll consume 1 Item Insurance if used.
Tinker Menu Example.png


  • It is per tinker, not per mod.
Meaning you can move up to 3 mods over at the cost of 1 Insurance.
  • The item on the left of the tinker-menu will get destroyed when tinkering if Insurance is not in use.