Defender Medals

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Defender Medal.png

Defender Medals are rewarded from Daily and Monthly missions and by completing maps, they launched with the Calling All Heroes patch, replacing the Wyvern Tokens. They are used to buy items from the Treasure Pirate.


Item Price Unique
Pet Affection Booster 250 Medals
Item Upgrade Booster 500 Medals
Lockbox Master Key 500 Medals
Concentrated Cyclone Sphere 5000 Medals
Flamethrower Sphere 5000 Medals
Stickynade Uber Sphere 5000 Medals
Elemental Chaos Sphere 5000 Medals
Shielding Wave 5000 Medals
Lightning Strikes Aura Sphere 5000 Medals
Empowered Beam Sphere 5000 Medals
Heavy Cannonball Sphere 5000 Medals
Betsy Dragon Egg 10000 Medals