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A list of the game's default controls.



Action PC Defaults Controller Defaults
Primary Attack LMB RT
Secondary Attack RMB LT
Ability One 1 X
Ability Two 2 Y
Ability Three 3 B
Ability Four 4 RB + LB
Pet Ability X RB + A
Drop Ability Mana N [None]
Drop All Ability Mana CTRL + N [None]


Action PC Defaults Controller Defaults
Move Forward W LTilt
Move Backward S LTilt
Strafe Left A LTilt
Strafe Right D LTilt
Jump Space A


Action PC Defaults Controller Defaults
Activate E RStick (Press)
Alternate Activate F [None]
Ready Up G Select
Issue Ping C LB + DPadRight
Inventory I [None]
Quests and Missions J LB + DPadUp
Vote Yes PgUp LB + DPadUp
Vote No PgDown LB + DPadDown
Swap to Hero 1 F1 DPadLeft
Swap to Hero 2 F2 DPadDown
Swap to Hero 3 F3 DPadRight
Swap to Hero 4 F4 DPadUp
Free Look B (Hold) RTilt
Initiate Chat ENTER [None]
Toggle HUD Ctrl + H [None]
Screen Shot F9 [None]
Suicide CTRL + L [None]
The Emporium P [None]
Defenders Pass U [None]


Action PC Defaults Controller Defaults
Confirm Placement LMB RT
Cancel Placement RMB LT
Repair Mode R RB + X
Upgrade Mode Q RB + Y
Sell Mode Z RB + B
Build Defense One 5 LB + X
Build Defense Two 6 LB + Y
Build Defense Three 7 LB + B
Build Defense Four 8 LB + A
Defense View LSHIFT LStick (Press)
Drop Defense Mana M [None]
Drop All Defense Mana CTRL + M LB + DPadLeft


In previous versions, the console could be opened through the ‘ key, which shows a full log of previous chat and executed commands. Using TAB opens a simplified method of command input. The console has since been removed since Patch 1.03.