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Gold is the main and most common currency in Dungeon Defenders II and can be used for various things.
You can hold up to 2 billion gold at once.

How to Gain Gold

  • Gold Gain is based off of a few things such as Ancient Power (Often called "resets"), Winstreak Bonus, and Jackpot.
    Formula: Base gold * (1 + Winstreak Bonus) * (1 + 0.05 * Resets) + ((Base Gold * Winstreak Bonus * 3) * # of Jackpot procs)
  • Winstreak is a Consecutive win bonus which helps give more gold and exp.
    1 win = 5%, 2 wins = 10%, 3+ wins = 20%, Onslaught does not have winstreak.
  • It is obtainable from Enemies, completing tasks in the Questline, Finishing Bonus Missions, Completing maps in any gamemode.
  • Some tiers of the Defender Pass just give gold directly, and they provide a good amount.
  • You can gain gold from Defender Packs if you get a duplicate cosmetic(s). Some packs just give straight up gold, though it is a small amount.
  • Collections also give a really small amount of gold if you complete the challenges.

Base Gold Values

Chaos Difficulty Base Gold
Chaos 1 20,000
Chaos 2 26,000
Chaos 3 32,000
Chaos 4 38,000
Chaos 5 44,000
Chaos 6 50,000
Chaos 7 56,000
Chaos 8 62,000
Chaos 9 86,000
Chaos 10 100,000

Gold Bundles

  • The game offers some gold bundles for Gems in the Emporium to speed up progress but is completely optional, these packs are:
Name Gem Cost Gold Gain Gold/Gem
Thrifty Gold Pack 200 175,000 875.00
Bling Gold Pack 360 475,000 1,319.44
Silver Dragonfall Bank Note 720 1,350,000 1,875.00
Gold Dragonfall Bank Note 1,440 4,500,000 3,125.00



  • Gold can be used to buy items from Non Playable Characters in Tavern and Town.
  • It can also used to upgrade Shards, Weapons, Armor, Relics, Rings, and Pets.
  • The gold is often used to reroll Armor, Weapon, Rings, and Relic primary stats and mod levels.
  • The easiest and fastest way to make or spend gold is through in-game Player Shops.
    The player shops is where you buy or sell items for a desired amount of gold up to 2b. Keep in mind that there is an Etherian Tax on the items sold which is 15% of the price. The higher the price the more tax.