There are 3 types of currency in Dungeon Defenders II.

Gold Icon.png


  • Gold is a standard currency used to upgrade, modify, and purchase items.
  • Gold is primarily obtained from completing maps or selling items.


  • Gems are a premium currency used to purchase inventory, heroes, cosmetics, Shards, and more.
  • Gems can only be obtained by paying money.
    • There are 3 regions in Adventures which provide 150 Gems each on completion. These are one time rewards, and there are no other sources of free Gems in the game.
Defender Medal Icon.png

Defender Medals

  • Defender Medals are a special currency used to purchase heroes, pets, and shards. They are also used in some cases to upgrade or modify items.
  • Defender Medals can only be obtained by completing maps and Missions.

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