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  • Adventures is a game mode placed right after the Campaign in progression. After completing Adventures, players should proceed to Expeditions.
  • Completing Adventures is the only source of free gems in the game, Up to 450 gems.
  • It is recommended to finish Adventures to get all the rewards and so you won't have to go back while progressing through the Questline.


All Rewards can only be obtained once.

Adventures Overview.png
Region Reward Maps
The Kobold Bling King 150 Gems and 50,000 Gold Forgotten Ruins, Nimbus Reach, Kobold Bling King
Mal'donis The Terrible 150 Gems and 50,000 Gold The Dead Road, Temple of the Necrotic
The Harbinger 150 Gems and 50,000 Gold Ramparts Siege, Assault on Throne Room, Harbinger's Warship
Isle of Dread 1 Mythical Defender Pack The Jacked Sparrow, Dark Awakening
The Sacrificial Warden 1 Mythical Defender Pack Drakenfrost Resort, Drakenfrost Keep