Goblin Siege Roller

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Goblin Siege Roller
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The Siege Roller is a Special Enemy. It is frequently found in the Chaos Expeditions, Onslaught and Incursions maps. The Roller, as it is referred to by the community as, has a normal miniboss' health total but with a 90% resistance to damage from any side except the rear where the engine is mounted, from the rear he takes double damage. It has a spiked roller in the front that does extreme damage to anything that can block it in front of it and periodically fires a set of missiles at a random Hero doing very high damage. These missiles can damage Defenses if the Hero was near one when they were fired but they wont do any damage to Cores. Notably, he seems to have a higher than normal resistance to stuns.


As it has only one weakpoint in the back, it is not advised to ignore this miniboss. You can't alter its path to the Core but you can slow it down with any slow Defense or Hero Ability. Setting up projectile Defenses to fire at the rear of the Roller will help take it down but shouldn't be relied on. Stuns do not stop it from firing missiles so it is usually best to just try to take it out. As a miniboss he has a very high amount of health.

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