Frost Enemies

For a list of regular enemies, see Enemies.

Frost Enemies are a special variant of the normal monsters you see in the game. They are found in the Revenge of the Yeti Incursion and also make occasional appearances in Onslaught floors 28 and beyond.

All frosty variants of enemies take half damage to water damage and are capable of Slowing your defenses, or maybe even Freezing them. They are also immune to all Slowing debuffs. However, they can still be Stunned.

Despite their strengths, all frost enemies are weak to fire, taking double damage from any source of fire.

Revenge of the Yeti incursion will explain what frost monsters are capapble of, or you can look at the list below:


Frost Enemies

Frost Goblins

Frost Goblin
Frost Bomb Goblin

These guys aren't much stronger than your average goblin in lower stages of the game so they shouldn't be too much of a threat. Don't play with them, however, or else their ability to slow on hit could allow them to overwhelm you!

Frost Goblins are the first enemy introduces in the Yeti Incursion. They move much faster than usual (about the same speed as Berserker Orcs), and slow you or your defenses on hit, much like the Abominable Mutator.

The Melee and Ranged Frost Goblin variants are the most common to come across in the Onslaught gamemode.

It is recommended to use fire damage defenses against them if possible when pushing into higher in Onslaught such as Blaze Balloons or Flame Aura. Though it isn't essential.

Enemy Types:

  • Frost Goblin: Goblin, Melee, Frost
  • Frost Bomb Goblin: Goblin, Ranged, Frost

Frost Orcs

Frost Orc

These guys are just as slow as your average orc, but they still pose a threat.
These orcs have a spherical aura about ~1400 range around them (much like the Drakenlord's Soul mod). Any nearby defenses will be slowed and lose DPS, stacks per frost orc.

However players can counter the Frost Orc slow mechanic on their defenses if it is overcapped on defense rate to 99.9%. This is between Defense Speed in Ascension, Defense Rate shard, and the Defense Rate mod.
Equation used to find Frost Orc Slow on Defenses : ((1 - Rate%) x 1.5 ^ # of Frost Orcs) x Base Rate Credit: User:Exglint.

Alternatively strategy would be using long range defenses such as the Elder Dragon combined with stun or Poison Dart Tower and Earthshatter Tower.

Enemy Types:

  • Frost Orc: Orc, Melee, Frost

Frost Mages

Frost Dark Mage

The Ice Mage is the frosty variant of the Dark Mage.
Frost Mages function very similarly to your average mage, but their attacks chill their targets on hit and have access to all the spells.

Enemy Types:

  • Frost Dark Mage: Support, Ranged, Frost

Drakin Skeleton

Drakin Skeleton

There's not much special here, as Drakin Skeleton function exactly the same as normal Drakins but with the additional ability to slow on hit.

  • Drakin Skeleton: Ranged, Frost



These are frost variants of your average Ogre,. Instead of throwing slime at you to Slow, they throw snowballs to Freeze you or your defenses solid.
Yeti's snowballs are affected by Tenacity Servo mod but work with Tenacity Chips. Also unlike your average ogre, yetis do not ground-pound, so you don't have to worry about all your towers getting destroyed in an area at once.

Enemy Types:

  • Yeti: Miniboss, Melee, Frost

The Drakenlord

The Drakenlord

Drakenlord is a miniboss with an interesting mechanic. He can frequently be found in the Expeditions, Onslaught, Mastery, Incursions, and Survival. He moves very slowly but will swing his sword twice every time he attacks and can call forth a shield of ice to protect him and chill, then freeze, then damage anything inside.
Main Article: Drakenlord

Enemy Types:

  • Drakenlord: Miniboss, Melee, Frost