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The Ogre is a Special Enemy. He is a mini-boss frequently found in the Chaos Expeditions, Onslaught and Incursions maps. An Ogre looks very similar to the one from Dungeon Defenders, in which he is a large blue enemy. If a hero or Core is in line of sight but at long range he will cough up a large slime ball and throw it, if a hero is in the Area of Effect the slime ball will slow the hero for a period of time. If a hero is nearby but not quite in swinging distance the Ogre will jump into the air and slam his butt into the ground creating a shockwave Area of Effect damaging everything in range. Afterwards, he will approach and try to melee attack any hero, defense, or Core.


The Ogre is one of the easier mini-bosses to fight since he has a very easy to see attack pattern coming, though he can still become a threat if left to break through your defenses. As usual, Melee Heroes should stay behind him when attacking. As a miniboss he has a very high amount of health.

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