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Freeze is a status effect that Stuns the affected target. It also carries unique properties not present in other stun effects.

All heroes, defenses, and enemies that are not immune to crowd-control can be frozen.


When a target is frozen, they are encased in ice and cannot move or attack. The target becomes extremely vulnerable to crushing damage.

Crushing damage shatters the ice and frees the frozen target, but the attack/projectile that dealt the crushing damage receives a heavy damage multiplier - and is often lethal.

Frozen targets can also take fall damage, should they be frozen in the air. This counts as crushing damage, making even the smallest fall deal considerable damage. This property, unlike other stuns, is capable of dragging flying enemies to the ground and making them susceptible to ground defenses.

Sources of crushing damage include, but are not limited to:

Freeze Sources

The following are capable of applying the freeze combo: