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The Drakenlord.png
Enemy Types Melee, Frost, Miniboss
Lane Type Ground Spawn Symbol.png Ground
Appearances Adventures, Onslaught, Expeditions, Mastery, Incursions, & Survival
Schedule Icon The Drakenlord Icon.png

The Drakenlord is a unique miniboss with a unique mechanic and is introduced as a boss on the last wave of the Drakenfrost Keep map. He can frequently be found in any gamemode outside of the campaign aswell. He moves very slowly but will have a chance to swing his sword twice in succession every time he attacks and can call forth a large spherical shield of ice to protect him and chill, freeze, and damage anything inside.

Mechanics & Notes

The Drakenlord is a frost enemy, meaning he's immune to being frozen and takes double damage to fire.
The Drakenlord takes 0.1% of normal damage while his shield is active around him. This aura slows players while within it's range aswell as freezing them if within the aura for 5 seconds and will be damaged for 200% of their maximum health from a spectral copy of himself dealing some kind of finishing blow to the frozen prey.

  • Towers and Blockades within the Drakenlord's shield will freeze and stop attacking after 5 seconds of being in his aura. They will also take 50% of their maximum health after freezing. This damage will only be applied once, afterwards the Drakenlord will have to use his melee slash attacks to finish off Towers or Blockades.
  • Traps, Auras, and Nodes are completely immune to the Drakenlord's freeze and damage effects from the shield.
  • The Drakenlord will use his melee slash attacks while attacking anything other than the player.
  • Damage Reduction bonuses apply to the damage 200% and 50% damage ticks, having over 50% in damage reduction will allow heroes to survive the hit.
  • 100% Tenacity will bypass the slow, freeze, and damage effects of his shield.

Drakenlord Striking Once Animation.gif

Swinging once in a single primary attack

Drakenlord Striking Twice Animation.gif Swinging twice in a single primary attack

Drakenlord Generating Shield Animation.gif Activating his shield of ice

Drakenlord Freezing Bubble Shield Effect.gif The effects of being inside the shield


Demonstration of the Huntress dropping the Drakenlord's Shield with her abilities.

The Drakenlord can appear as a scary boss at first as he takes next to no damage from anything while his shield is active but can be countered by disabling his shield and removing all his damage resistance from the following:

Early game it is highly recommended to keep the Huntress in the hero deck as she can ignite the Drakenlord by applying oil with her Oil Flask ability and being able to hit him right afterwards with fire damage using Piercing Shot ability.
Using Oil Flask with a Flame Aura or Fire Chip is also a viable strategy starting out.



  • Drakenfrost Logo.png December 18th 2018 : Introduced.