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Gun Witch
Gun Witch
Primary Attack: A Ranged Physical Projectile Attack
Secondary Attack: Sniper mode for Magical Projectile Attacks
Usable Weapons: Guns
Lore: The Gun Witch gleefully races to the defense of Etheria on the back of her magical Gun Broom. Made from witchcraft, curiosity, and a touch of gunpowder, the Gun Witch cleans up the battlefield zipping from ground to sky, blasting her foes with magical projectiles, wicked spells, and mysterious hexes.
Hero Damage Scalar: 0.35
Hero Health Scalar: 0.9
Base Damage Reduction: 0%


GunWitch BlunderBroomBuster.png Blunder Broom Buster: Fires a short-ranged spread of nets, dealing magic damage, stunning enemies, and increasing damage dealt by Scatter Sweep.
GunWitch ScatterSweep.png Scatter Sweep: Blasts all enemies at close range with a magical shotgun attack, knocking them back. Deals more damage to enemies affected by Blunder Broom Buster.
GunWitch IceNeedle.png Ice Needle: Fires a magical ice needle, dealing magic frost damage and freezing the first enemy hit.
Gunwitch vroom broom.png Vroom Broom: Catch a ride on the Gunwitch's broom scooter, increasing moving speed and restoring health.

Gunwitch book drop.png Book Drop: Transmogrifies your enemies into books for a short duration, stunning them and increasing all damage taken.
Gunwitch broom nado.png Broom Nado: Summons a swarm of brooms that linger in an area, dealing magic damage each second to all enemies.
GunWitch TwoPrice.png Two at Twice the Price: Equip an extra gun broom and go fully automatic on your enemies, dealing massive magical damage.
GunWitch BroomVault.png Broom Vault: Casts a magical explosion at the Gunwitch's feet, damaging enemies and launching her skyward.