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Costumes are different visual skins that are available for your heroes. They can be equipped through the seamstress in the Tavern and is available starting at level 1.

Costumes are acquired mainly through premium currency and (along with bag space, character slots and premium pets) the main way Trendy hopes to make money through DD2 which is a Free To Play game. As such in order to avoid a pay-to-win scenario, costumes are only cosmetic, affecting animations and graphics but not providing stat benefits.

Acquiring Costumes

There are currently two types of costumes, the first being premium sets which usually include custom animations and effects. These premium sets cannot be combined with other premium sets or costume pieces. The other type of costume is individual pieces which can be mixed and matched. These costume pieces currently do not provide any new animations or effects however they can be acquired without premium currency.

There are two ways to acquire the non-premium costume pieces, either by purchasing them directly from the Seamstress using premium currency or by opening a Lockbox with keys bought through Wyvern Tokens from the Treasure Pirate or with premium currency.

Costumes are categorized into sets, each of which contains at least 1 costume piece for:





Costume Leveling

There are a number of costumes that can be leveled and change appearance while playing the game. All these costumes currently are premium. These costumes are leveled by earning experience while playing wearing the costume. Once enough Experience has been earned the appearance of the costume maybe changed in the wardrobe tab when visiting the seamstress. Players may also check there costume leveling progress from this screen.

Not all parts of a costume maybe upgradeable and others may be upgraded a number of times changing appearance with each upgrade.