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In Dungeon Defenders II, each hero has two separate mana pools typically Blue, and Green. Though some heroes have a special pool in place of Blue Mana.
Blue mana is used to activate Hero Abilities and Green mana is used to Build, Repair and Upgrade defenses.
This system is based off of Dungeon Defenders 1, where there was only one type of mana, and that mana would be used to both activate abilities and build towers.
Defense Mana.png

Green Mana

Defense Mana Example2.png

  • Green Mana (also known as "Defense Mana" or "Building Mana") is a resource used to build and obtained from slaying enemies, and completing waves.
  • Each map has a set amount of green mana given at the start of the match and when given after waves.
  • When Players exceed above 2,000 Green Mana a smaller bar will appear above the big one. Each bar is 2,000. Defense Mana Example.png
  • The most green mana a player can hold at once is 10,000.
  • Genie King's Blessing is the only way to generate Green Mana outside of mob slaying and wave completions.
Ability Mana1.png

Blue Mana

Blue Mana Example.png

  • Blue Mana (also known as "Ability Mana" or "Ability Resource") is used to activate hero abilities. It regenerates passively during the combat phase, albeit slowly.
  • Blue Mana completely regenerates at the start of each new combat phase.
  • For some heroes it works a bit differently. For example Series EV2's Blue Mana is replaced with Heat.
  • Blue Mana can only be increased by ascension and shards.