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Primary Attack: A Melee Physical Slash Attack dealing damage.
Secondary Attack: Launches himself through the air towards the selected area, dealing damage upon landing.
Usable Weapons: Daggers
Lore: Previously serving as an elite royal warrior, the Mercenary is now a soldier-for-hire that utilizes contracts and bonds created with many strong and strange beings throughout Etheria to get any job done. Whether providing protection, or taking out a single target, the Mercenary has the tools needed. "Any job can be done for the right amount of coin" is the Mercenary way!
Hero Damage Scalar: 0.35
Hero Health Scalar: 1.65
Base Damage Reduction: 0%


Mercenary Fan Of Knives.png Fan Of Knives: Quickly spin in place, throwing knives in every direction dealing damage to all close by.
Mercenary Poison Dagger Throw.png Poison Dagger Throw: Throws a line of poison daggers towards your enemies!
Mercenary Combat Preparation.png Combat Preparation: Focuses on the battle ahead, giving an edge in battle by increasing movement speed, and damage.
Mercenary Sweeping Strikes.png Sweeping Strikes: Unleash a spin move in the direction you're facing, dealing massive damage to any enemy unlucky enough to be in the path.

Mercenary Royal Guard Blockade.png Royal Guard Blockade: Blocks enemies. Attacks with his shield dealing physical damage.
Mercenary Nether Spider Spawner.png Nether Spider Spawner: Spawns several spiders that run towards enemies and explode, dealing physical damage and weakening enemy attacks.
Mercenary Nether Archer.png Nether Archer: Fires bolts of dark energy that bounce between enemies, dealing less damage after each bounce.
Mercenary Elvish Artillery Cannon.png Elvish Artillery Cannon: Fires a chaotic ball of energy dealing area of effect storm damage.