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==Biggest dd2 wiki contributions==
==Biggest dd2 wiki contributions==
* [[Shards]] - Created template for shards list and actively edited the list
* [[Shards]] - Created template for shards list and actively edited the list
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About Me

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EU is my home region, but i'm playing also on NA. I'm 34, my timezone is GMT+1 (Poland), my playing hours are rather random, mostly in evening, 1 hour, 5 hours, or not at all. I started playing DD2 44 months ago.

I'd like to speak of myself as casual player, but a good one. I'm MMO veteran, i was leader, officer, tactician or simply member of some well designed, progressing groups/guilds in L2 and MU Online at start, and later (more importantly) in WoW and GW1.

MMO history

When i was younger (about 14 years ago) i started playing MU Online and later L2 on private servers where i was leader of medium, but progressing guilds, nothing unusual, just a leader, just a guild.

Later i bought GW1 and stared guild The True Mayhem [MHM] in (with my brother and friends at first), still young, but we tried to progress in GvG a little, and we even got to top100 in GvG ladder, after about an year or maybe more i took a break, and a month (or so) before Factions release i resumed playing with top ten GW1 PvP players in Polish community.
As I Scream [ice] we got to top10 but then we were crushed by War Machine and other top guilds back then. Few months later i was done with GW1 (with some Random Arena breaks in boring days) with 1350 hours played on my account.

User Czokalapik shadow before.png

After GW i started playing World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade (work = more cash = more payed games...) and i joined guild where my brother was member quite some time - Caern Morghen [CM] on Wildhammer (EU) server where after leveling and quick gearing up i joined progressing group in [CM].

Few raids later i stared writing boss tactics for progress team and we had some successes in downing bosses (for example Kael'thas Sunstrider just before big nerf). I was playing about two years, but before taking down Illidan i left and then came back when Wrath of the Lich King was released when i decided to create smaller group (10-ppl) and play more casually as i did not have so much free time like i used to. And to be honest it was one of best MMO periods for me, i was leader of a group where we had some triumphs and we had fun while progressing steadily.

User Czokalapik shadow before.png

After few years in WoW i decided to stop playing at all, and maybe thanks to that i got married!
As you all players know - you can't get over games, so i stared playing League of Legends alone (rather casually, but i think i was decent player). And ofcourse in meantime: Diablo 3 and lots of X360 games. Somewhere along the way i spent a long time in Guild Wars 2, later some offile games (countless hours in The Witcher 3) and of course i spent quite some time in Dungeon Defenders being active contributor of wiki and creator of ddplanner.com.

And that's it for my MMO adventure, now i'm playing DD2 and i'm loving it!

Biggest dd2 wiki contributions

  • Shards - Created template for shards list and actively edited the list