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Abilities has a lot of different attributes, effects, mechanics, and resources that comes with the hero kit. This page shows some aspects that abilities may have.
To see specific abilities each hero has click Here.

Self Heal

Each Hero Specific Ability is Unlocked at certain levels, although it varies between different heroes.

Many Heroes share a specific ability Heal Self Heal.png that's available at first level, and taking the fourth ability slot though also depends on the hero.

Some Heroes have special abilities, passives or towers in place of standard Heal Self.

Stat Build Attributes

The following Attributes apply to Abilities:

  • Ability Power: Increases damage done with any ability.
  • Critical Chance: Chance to do additional damage.
  • Critical Damage: Additional damage activated by critical chance.
  • Ability Cooldown: Wait time required to use an ability again.
  • Resource cost: How much of the ability resource is required to use the ability.

Ability Power

Also known as "Ability Damage", this stat greatly magnifies the damage result of any Ability used by the Hero.

Ability Cooldown

There is no way to modify the actual attack speed of an ability. However, Ability Cooldown can be modified. Some mods and shards can change the cooldown time of abilities or change the hero stats based of how many abilities are on cooldown.

Resource Cost

Resource Cost refers to the amount of a specific type of mana required to use abilities. Most heroes uses blue mana has their resource, it regens passively over time. Other heroes have specific types of resource that doesn't regens like blue mana.

Ability Resources

All ability resources must meet a specific amount either the same or more in order to cast an ability with the exception of heat.

Blue Mana

Blue Mana Example.png
Blue Mana is the most common ability resource in the game that can only be gained overtime or through shard, mod, and pet abilities requirements.
More info: here


Heat is an ability resource only for Series EV2 and the Engineer.
Both heroes gain heat when using abilities, once heat is at 100% Series EV2 and Engineer have to lose all their heat in order to use abilities freely again.
Series EV2 loses heat while shooting while Engineer gains heat while shooting.
Engineer's abilities' damage scales off the more heat he has.


Appeasement is a unique ability resource to the Mystic. Appeasement drops from slain enemies similar to mana but will look pink on the ground.
The Mystic gains buffs while at a certain percentage of appeasement:
1% or more Appeasement

  • Ability Power increases by 20%.
  • Hero Damage increases by 20%.
  • Damage Reduction increases by 20%.
  • Tower Damage increases by 20%.

25% or more Appeasement

  • Basic attacks have lifesteal.

50% or more Appeasement

  • Basic attacks lower the Mystic's active cooldowns.

100% Appeasement

  • AOE damage buff that deals 1,000% Ability Power damage per second.
  • Movement Speed increases by 50%
  • Basic attacks make enemies take 10% more damage for 3 seconds.

Celestial Power

Celestial Power.png
Celestial Power is a unique ability resource to the Dryad allowing her to use her abilities.
The only ways to gain back celestial power is from casting Starfall or through Mana Gain Chip mod.

Broom Power

Broom Power.png
Broom Power is a unique ability resource to the Gunwitch allowing her to use many of her abilities.
The only ways to gain back broom power is through mod, shard, or pet abilities requirements such as Mana Gain Chip mod, Critical Restoration shard, or Mana Swirl pet ability.

Molten Energy

Molten Energy.png
Molten Energy is a unique ability resource to the Lavamancer allowing him to use his abilities.
Molten Energy can be regenerated through the Fissure of Embermount when it's fully recharged. It can also be gained through Mana Gain Chip mod and Mana Swirl pet ability

Wrath & Fury

Wrath and Fury.png
Wrath and Fury are unique ability resources to the Barbarian allowing him to use his various stances and abilities
The Barbarian regenerates wrath (pink bar) by dealing damage to an enemy while fury (red bar) regenerates while taking damage.
While using the Barbarian's abilities it will consume wrath or fury depending on the ability.
Mana Gain Chip and Mana Growth Chip mods does not work for wrath or fury.
Mana Swirl pet ability works for the Barbarian's wrath.


Blood is a unique ability resource to the Hunter allowing him to use his abilities.