Gun Witch

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Gun Witch
Gun Witch
Primary Attack: A Ranged Physical Projectile Attack
Secondary Attack: Sniper mode for Magical Projectile Attacks
Usable Weapons: Guns
Lore: The Gun Witch gleefully races to the defense of Etheria on the back of her magical Gun Broom. Made from witchcraft, curiosity, and a touch of gunpowder, the Gun Witch cleans up the battlefield zipping from ground to sky, blasting her foes with magical projectiles, wicked spells, and mysterious hexes.


While many mages carry staves and cast traditional elemental spells, the Gun Witch would much rather carry a giant long-range rifle and imbue its bullets with magical properties to deal with her adversaries. She prefers not to have her defenses do the fighting for her and instead focuses on using her rifle, bullets, and wings to snipe at important targets and baffle larger crowds.


GunWitch BlunderBroomBuster.png Blunder Broom Buster: Fires a short-ranged spread of nets, dealing magic damage, stunning enemies, and increasing damage dealt by Scatter Sweep.
GunWitch ScatterSweep.png Scatter Sweep: Blasts all enemies at close range with a magical shotgun attack, knocking them back. Deals more damage to enemies affected by Blunder Broom Buster.
GunWitch BroomVault.png Broom Vault: Casts a magical explosion at the Gun Witch's feet, damaging enemies and launching her skyward.
GunWitch IceNeedle.png Ice Needle: Fires a magical ice needle, dealing magic frost damage and freezing the first enemy hit.

Gunwitch book drop.png Book Drop: Transmogrifies your enemies into books for a short duration, stunning them and increasing all damage taken.
GunWitch TwoPrice.png Two at Twice the Price: Equip an extra gun broom and go fully automatic on your enemies, dealing massive magical damage.
Gunwitch broom nado.png Broom Nado: Summons a swarm of brooms that linger in an area, dealing magic damage each second to all enemies.
Gunwitch vroom broom.png Vroom Broom: Catch a ride on the Gun witch's broom scooter, increasing moving speed and restoring health.

Locked and Loaded: Primary Attack criticals reduce all cooldowns by 1s. This effect can only occur once per second.
Moon Prism Power: Broom Power Maximum increased by 30.
Freeze Buster: Blunder Broom Buster also Freezes enemies for 3s, allowing then to be shattered by Crushing damage.
Dewey Deathimal System: Book Drop duration is increased by 2 seconds and enemies receive and additional 15% more damage while under it's effects.
Support Magic Specialist: Broom Vault and Book Drop costs are decreased by 50%.
Nimbus RainStorm: Broom Nado damage increased by 20% and its hits have a 30% chance to drench enemies and slow them by 30% for 2 seconds.
Joy Ride: Vroom Broom restores 5 Broom Power per second.
Zero Entropy Round: Ice Needle only affects a single target, but damage is increased by 30% and duration is increased by 1 second.
Read or Die: Scatter Sweep and Broom Vault have an 15% chance to transmogrify enemies into books for 3s. Transmogrified enemies take increased damage.
Bewitching Hour: Each Snipe hit adds 50% to the damage of the next Primary Attack hit. Stacks up to 5 times.

Advanced Edit List of Gun Witch-specific Item Passives:

Name Effect Item
Gun Helmet Chest Boots Gloves Relic
ICY PENETRATION Makes Ice Needle penetrates an additional 1-22 enemies as well as shields, dealing % of its original damage after piercing a it. TickGreen.png TickGreen.png TickGreen.png TickGreen.png TickGreen.png CrossWhite.png
STAY FROSTY Killing an enemy with Ice Needle will increase the Gunwitch's Hero Damage by X for 5 seconds. TickGreen.png TickGreen.png TickGreen.png TickGreen.png TickGreen.png CrossWhite.png