Ice Needle

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Ice Needle
GunWitch IceNeedle.png
Fires a magical ice needle, dealing magic frost damage and freezing the first enemy hit.
Ability Statistics
Hero: Gunwitch
Mana Cost: 50
Base Recharge: 2
Damage Type: Magical
Damage Scalar: 33x Ability Power
Status Effect: Freeze
  • Despite being called Ice Needle, it does not actually seem to do Ice damage. Rather, it just does Magical damage and freezes enemies on hit.
  • Pierces through enemies (not shields) and can hit up to 3 enemies by default. Each enemy the ability passes through reduces the ability's damage by 1/3. Although, this is rounded up, so the 2nd enemy takes 67% of the original damage and the 3rd enemy takes 34% of the original damage.