Moss Hornet's Nest

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Moss Hornet's Nest
Dryad HornetsNest.png
Build a moss hornet's nest that spawns two hornets to attack different enemies. When corrupt, the nest spawns an additional hornet and the hornets' movement speed is increased.
Defense Statistics
Hero: Dryad
Defense Type: Trap
Level Required: 1
Mana Cost: 30
Base Attack Rate: 1.2s
Damage Type: None
Status Effect: None

Hornet's Nest spawn one hornet upon creation and a spawn a second hornet several seconds later. While in corrupted form a third hornet will spawn and all hornets will move faster. At any given time only 6 hornets can attack the same enemy. Hornets can attack land and air enemies.

Attribute Tier One Tier Two Tier Three Tier Four Tier Five
Attack Damage
Defense Power (x)
0.7x 1.155x 1.61x 2.065x 2.52x
Crit Damage
Defense Crit Damage (x)
3.5x 3.5x 3.5x 3.5x 3.5x