Shadow Costumes

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Shadow Costumes
Cosmetic Type Costumes
Rarity Powerful Icon.png Powerful (Apprentice, Squire & Monk)

Epic Icon.png Epic (Huntress)

Price Gem Icon.png 800, each
Availability Available
Hero ApprenticeSquireHuntressMonk

The Shadow Costumes are a set of themed costumes that are basically black versions of a heroes's default costume. Only The Apprentice, The Squire, The Huntress and The Monk have a Shadow Costume. They can be bought from the Seamstress or in the cosmetic interface. The costumes cost 800 gems each.

The Apprentice - Mage of Shadows


Take your first steps down a darker path...


Accessory Rarity Section Flavor Text



Powerful Icon.png Powerful Head Black is the new black.


Cape of Dark Thoughts

Powerful Icon.png Powerful Cape Inspired by grim Feelings.


Twilight Garb

Powerful Icon.png Powerful Torso You can disappear without a trace.


Nightshade Tights

Powerful Icon.png Powerful Legs As dark as natural fibres allow.

The Squire - Knight of Shadows

Knight of Shadows front and back.png

Back in black, let loose from the noose.


Accessory Rarity Section Flavor Text
Byzantium Helmet Icon.png

Byzantium Helmet

Powerful Icon.png Powerful Head Reflects 43% less light than normal helmets.
Void Sheen Spaulders Icon.png

Void Sheen Spaulders

Powerful Icon.png Powerful Armor Look into the void... okay not too deep, you might fall in.
Palatinate Piece Icon.png

Palatinate Piece

Powerful Icon.png Powerful Torso A real passionate shade.
Umbral Legplates Icon.png

Umbral Legplates

Powerful Icon.png Powerful Legs Made from shadow and steel, which you could imagine was difficult since it had to be made in the dark.

The Huntress - Huntress of the Shadows


Black is DEF my color.


Accessory Rarity Section Flavor Text

Shadow Cap

Epic Icon.png Epic Head Will not protect against the darkness in your heart.

Void Gloves

Epic Icon.png Epic Arms Fits you like a...

Shadow Garb

Epic Icon.png Epic Waist Anti-light camo gear.

Void Pants

Epic Icon.png Epic Legs These pants lack a certain something.

The Monk - Monk of Shadows


Melt into the tapestry of the night sky.


Accessory Rarity Section Flavor Text

Moon Tan

Powerful Icon.png Powerful Head The fashionable winter season look!


Powerful Icon.png Powerful Torso For the unhappy martial arts practitioner.

Gloom Belt

Powerful Icon.png Powerful Waist An expression of your unique individualism.

Sombre Socks

Powerful Icon.png Powerful Legs Finally, someone is taking socks seriously.

Notes and Trivia

  • Alongside the Galaxy Costumes and the Dragonfall Carnival Costumes, The Shadow Costumes were part of the Dragonfall Carnival Event as you can have a chance to win them from the Bling Wheel in the Carnival if you have an Admission Pass.
  • Thin smokes can be subtly seen billowing around the Shadow Costumes as an additional VFX.
  • Not all pieces of the Shadow Costumes are a redeco of an existing piece of the standard garbs. The original helmet that was used by the Knight of Shadows hasn't been implemented in-game. However, there are evidence that the original helm does exist through concept arts and and 3D model showcases.
  • The Huntress of the Shadows was chosen to wear the Hellion's flair set in a promotional image for The Bundle of the Beast when the flair system was introduced for Ancient's Prelude (Update 1.2).
  • On PS4, you could obtain all four Shadow Costumes through the PS Plus Pack for free if you have a PlayStation Plus (PS+) Membership.


DDA's Shadow Costumes.png

Dungeon Defenders Awakened

The shadow theme was used again for DDA in the form of Shadow Costumes.

While DD2's version are mostly black/shadowy redeco of certain configuration of the standard garbs, DDA's version seemed to take the concept further and have the heroes literally become one with the void and shadows themselves.



  • [Early Access] 10.0 : Introduced.