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Shield Gear Basics.png

Shields are secondary weapons for the Squire and the Countess. The stats will always consists of Armor as the primary stat and Hero Health as the secondary stat. These weapons also holds two Shards slots but doesn't have any slots for M.O.D.S.


Shields are meant to be used for the Squire/Countess' secondary attack Block - when utilized, any frontal damage dealt to the player will be reduced by 35% and hero's speed will be slowed to a crawl. However, this eventually becomes very ineffective during the late game where the players will be better off always moving and attacking rather than blocking as the enemies gets extremely ferocious. The only reason most players would utilize Block these days is when they have an Unholy Fire shard equipped which allows the Squire or Countess to become a walking flamethrower while Block is being used. That said, while the damage of the Unholy Fire isn't that bad, most wouldn't use it for serious progression as it's still heavily outclassed by much stronger hero builds. It's generally regarded more of a fun addition.

Basically, this result in the shield's main usage primarily becoming a stat boost to a hero's health and armor which would help them to be a little more tankier when fighting hordes of enemies.

Stat Ranges


All Stats Assume Max Upgrades (Minimum-Maximum stat rolls)
Stat Campaign Chaos 1 Chaos 2 Chaos 3 Chaos 4 Chaos 5 Chaos 6 Chaos 7 Chaos 8 Chaos 9 Chaos 10
Armor Armor Icon.png 475-530 779-869 1,417-1,581 2,353-2,626 3,588-4,004 5,150-5,748 6,966-7,774 9,633-10,751 13,001-14,509 16,377-18,277 20,631-23,024
Hero Health Hero Health Icon.png 285-321 468-526 850-957 1,412-1,589 2,153-2,422 3,090-3,477 4,180-4,703 5,780-6,503 7,801-8,776 9,827-11,055 12,379-13,926
Tertiary - Crit Chance Hero Crit Chance Icon.png 0.1%-0.1% 0.1%-0.1% 0.2%-0.2% 0.3%-0.3% 0.4%-0.5% 0.6%-0.6% 0.8%-0.8% 1%-1.2% 1.4%-1.6% 1.8%-2% 2.2%-2.5%
Tertiary - Crit Damage Hero Crit Damage Icon.png 0.2%-0.2% 0.3%-0.3% 0.5%-0.5% 0.8%-0.9% 1.2%-1.4% 1.7%-1.9% 2.3%-2.5% 3.1%-3.5% 4.2%-4.7% 5.3%-5.9% 6.7%-7.5%
Tertiary - HD/AP Hero Damage Icon.pngAbility Power Icon.png 102-114 167-186 303-339 504-562 768-857 1,102-1,230 1,490-1,664 2,060-2,301 2,780-3,105 3,502-3,911 4,411-4,927
Tertiary - Movement Speed Hero Movement Speed Icon.png 5-6 8-9 14-16 23-25 35-39 49-55 67-74 92-103 124-138 156-174 179-219

List of Shields

Wooden Heater.png

Wooden Heater Icon.png Wooden Heater
Acquired from: Standard Loot Drops

Boarded Defender Icon.png Boarded Defender
Acquired from: Standard Loot Drops

Iron Mantlet Icon.png Iron Mantlet
Acquired from: Standard Loot Drops

Rusted Spartan Icon.png Rusted Spartan
Acquired from: Standard Loot Drops

Refinished Shield Icon.png Refinished Shield
Acquired from: Standard Loot Drops

Grinner Icon.png Grinner
Acquired from: Standard Loot Drops

Knocker Icon.png Knocker
Acquired from: Standard Loot Drops

Crustace Icon.png Crustace
Acquired from: Standard Loot Drops

Ogre Deflector Icon.png Ogre Deflector
Acquired from: Standard Loot Drops

Rogue Defier.png

Rogue Defier Icon.png Rogue Defier
Acquired from: Standard Loot Drops

Royal Guardian Icon.png Royal Guardian
Acquired from: Standard Loot Drops

Indigo Crush Icon.png Indigo Pulse
Acquired from: Standard Loot Drops

Jaded Oathbringer.png

Jaded Oathbringer Icon.png Jaded Oathbringer
Acquired from: Standard Loot Drops

Visage of the Inferno Icon.png Visage of the Inferno
Acquired from: Standard Loot Drops

Undada-Cee Icon.png Undada-Cee
Acquired from: Standard Loot Drops

Angelic Pavice.png

Angelic Pavice Icon.png Angelic Pavise
Acquired from: Standard Loot Drops

Dragonfall Protector.png

Dragonfall Protector Icon.png Dragonfall Protector
Acquired from: Standard Loot Drops

Harbinger's Portal.png

Harbinger's Portal Icon.png Harbinger's Portal
Acquired from: Harbinger's Warship

Protean Protector itself.png

Protean Protector Icon.png Protean Protector
Purchasable from: The Emporium for Gem Icon.png 150

Shipwrecked Shield itself.png

Shipwrecked Shield Icon.png Shipwrecked Shield
Acquired from: maps in the High Seas Region

Glacial Guard itself.png

Glacial Guard Icon.png Glacial Guard
Acquired from: Drakenfrost Keep Expeditions - Every 1st weekly loot rotation

Featherweight itself.png

Featherweight Icon.png Featherweight
Acquired from: Mananode's Amazing Gift

Zeddy the Teddy itself.png

Zeddy the Teddy Icon.png Zeddy the Teddy
Acquired from: Mananode's Special Gift

Jurassic's Revenge.png

Jurassic's Revenge Icon.png Jurassic Revenge
Acquired from: Mananode's Special Gift

Flame Warden's Shield.png

Flame Warden's Shield Icon.png Flame Warden's Shield
Acquired from: Embermount Volcano Expeditions

Notes and Trivia

  • Shields in DD1 and DD2 are very different each other. In DD1, shields are accessory-esque loots that may contain hero or defense stats or both while shields in DD2 are secondary weapons that only contains hero health and armor stats. The only aspect that's identical in both games is that shields are mainly used by the Squire and Countess to Block.
  • In Dungeon Defenders Awakened, shields takes certain aspects from both games. Having more than two stats (and also using DD1 models) are aspects that came from DD1 while shields being offhand weapons instead of being accessories is an aspect that's taken from DD2.


  • DD2 Splash Logo.png ??? : Added Flame Warden's Shield.
  • DD2 Splash Logo.png ??? : Added one returning and two new shields, obtainable through Mananode's Gift.
  • Drakenfrost Logo.png 4.1 : Added Glacial Guard.
  • Isle of Dread Logo Splash.png 4.0 : Added Shipwrecked Shield.
  • Protean Shift Logo Splash.png 3.0 : Added Protean Protector.
  • DD2 Splash Logo.png 1.0 : Included.