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Inactive Victory Chest.png

Victory Chests appears at the end of a match after all required waves has been completed. The chests provides bonus loot when opened.

There will always be four Victory Chests appearing together in a specific location for each map (usually nearby the core). Each player is only able to access a single chest as loot isn't shared - chests that are meant for other players will always appear inactive. (See image to the right)

Types of Chests

1. Powerful Victory Chest.png

2. Epic Victory Chest.png

3. Mythical Victory Chest.png

4. Legendary Victory Chest.png

5. Terror Victory Chest.png

There are four main different rarities of chests: Powerful (Green), Epic (Blue), Mythical (Purple), and Legendary (Orange). Each chest contains one or two pieces of loot associated with its rarity, 2-5 items of a lower tier and large amounts of gold (Scaling per chest, ie. A Legendary chest will give more gold than a Powerful chest). The items you get from victory chests stay within the level range you currently in, for example: beating The Gates of Dragonfall while within Chaos II will give you an item that is Chaos II tier.

Note - Materials does not factor towards the rarity a Victory Chest could spawn as.  

Powerful Chest (Green)

Guaranteed to at least contain a Powerful Icon.png Powerful rarity item or below.

Quite unlikely to appear compared to Epic or Mythical chests.

Epic Chest (Blue)

Guaranteed to at least contain an Epic Icon.png Epic rarity item or below.

Alongside Mythical chests, Epic chests are one of the most common types of chest to appear.

Mythical Chest (Purple)

Guaranteed to at least contain a Mythical Icon.png Mythical rarity item or below.

Alongside Epic chests, Mythical chests are one of the most common types of chest to appear.

Legendary Chest (Orange)

Guaranteed to at least contain a Legendary Icon.png Legendary rarity item or below. Aside from naturally spawning, there are other subtle reasons as to why a Legendary Chest would appear, namely;

  • Bonus Legendary loot from additional players joining a match.
  • Unique map or event specific loot drops which will force the victory chest to turn into a Legendary chest.

Onslaught Chest (Red)

Only appears in Onslaught gamemode. Unlike other victory chests, there is no associated rarity meaning this chest can spawn as any type of chests mentioned above without showing which one it actually is. Though what makes this chest a little unique is that this is where most onslaught-related items have a chance drop from, namely;

  • Lithicoatl egg
  • Weapons with Onslaught Floor 35+ Mods
  • Weapons with Poison Chip (Only in Lost Temple)
  • Mananode's Gifts
  • Defender Packs

Trick-or-Treat Chests

Trick or Treat Chest.png

Only appears in Return of Maldonis Incursions.

While this works similarly to a victory chest, Trick or Treat chests does not spawn at the end of match in designated spots, appearing instead at random spots in the map during the middle of the wave. When opened, either of two possible outcomes can occur;

  • 1st outcome - A tiny amount of loot will drop out of the chest - mostly consist of pet related items or low-rarity gear.
  • 2nd outcome - The player who opened the chest immediately dies which triggers a Spooky Hero miniboss to spawn.


  • DD2 Splash Logo.png February 13th 2023 : Fixed some issues regarding loot drops and reverted back to the original behaviour.
  • DD2 Splash Logo.png January 10th 2023 : Added a timer to prevent players to ready up before loot could drop.
  • DD2 Splash Logo.png December 16th 2022 : Victory Chest now opens automatically.
  • DD2 Splash Logo.png August 28th 2019 : Trick-or-Treat Chest re-added.
  • Power of the Ancients Splash Logo.png 2.3 : Added Onslaught Chest.
  • DD2 Splash Logo.png 1.0 : Included.