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The blinkee is one of the many pets in dungeon defenders 2.

It is obtained by chance from hatching dragon eggs.


Blinkee is a spherically red dragon what appears to be hollow in the inside. It does not look harmful or dangerous instead his smile and tiny round body achieve the contrary. Additionaly it makes cute "blub blub" noises

Pet Stats

Attack Rate: [170-224]
Attack damage: 469
Number of hits per attack: 1
Attack growth per level: +70
Empower Stats Defense crit damage: 33
Defense power: 28

Stat Hatchling (1-10) Fledgling (11-25) Veteran (26-45) Elder (46-60) Maxed out (60)
Basic lvl. Attack Damage [] [] [] [] []
Basic lvl. max DPS 584


  • Dragon Breath : Breathe fire upon all foes in front of you. 12 seconds CD.
  • Shoots one projectile per attack.