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In situations where a section of an article does not have enough information, or when a content placeholder is needed for pages where content will not be ready when the page is published, mark the content area with the stub template. This label is formatted as a system template, so that such content lacking articles can easily be found later by people seeking to apply content to pages. When the missing content is published, the stub template should be removed.


In situations where a single article has a name that is too similar to another article, a disambiguation page should be prepared, which then links directly to all related articles. The disambiguation page should be named with the route idea common to both articles, and then the actual pages should start with the same name, with the difference between the other articles prepared in brackets. For example Goblins relates to Goblins (Bomb) and Goblins (Regular) because both are a type of Goblin; Bomb Goblins and Goblins.