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The wiki has multiple forms of navigation, all of which having their own policies regarding best practices, for easy of navigation.

Sidebar Navigation

The sidebar is the simplest form of navigation, only listing the most basic of sections for the wiki for access. The intent is for this navigation to be very basic, this is not to be a guiding practice for other forms of navigation. Editors do not need to worry about this navigation option, as it is admin-only for editing.

Main Page Navigation

The Main Page is the most fundamental source of navigation across the entire wiki, taking the principle of the sidebar and getting a lot more specific. The purpose of this navigation is to give access to every single article that is paired to a non-system category, as well as to significant namespace articles (such as Project, Community, and Help Articles). There should also be navigation to non-wiki pages relating to DD2, such as the forums and the steam page. The main page is the one page that will be getting the most intensive visual code of all pages on the entire wiki, so this page is not to be edited casually.

Search Navigation

Search Navigation is only controlled by page naming and the existence of redirect pages. To help make search navigation easy, pages should always be named with alpha characters and spaces only, special characters being reserved for special usage (such as sub pages "/" or disambiguations using brackets). Pages should ideally be one word in length, but when this is not possible the name should be as short as possible and searchable words should be the first words available. In any situation where any word for a page is the same as any other word (especially if it is the first word), and this can not be changed without losing the intent of the article, create a disambiguation to clarify searches. Beyond these expectations, because search navigation is about entering known words into a search bar to find content, pages should use official terminology for page naming. When a discrepancy is found, the name found in the client takes priority over any name used on the website or by Trendy Staff, which itself takes priority over any community slang (including legacy terminology from DD1). However, if a discrepancy is found, make sure to create redirect articles to redirect pages accordingly (only works for alternate names used by Trendy, or popular community slang terms).

Category Navigation

This navigation is controlled by the Category Tree layout of the wiki. Following the policies on Categories will help make Category Navigation simpler for visitors.

Link Navigation

When an article mentions an idea at any point that has an article that describes that idea, the area where it is mentioned should be converted to a link to that article. The only ever exceptions is if the area mentioning the idea is an Article Heading (making it a link ruins the TOC), if it's already a link, or if that article has already used that link. When possible, use a bookmark link (using "#") to point to the specific idea on the destination article (links using # can link to a given article multiple times, so long as the same heading is only referenced once by link on that article).