Frost Armor

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Frost Armor

Frost Armor Wallpaper.jpg

Frost Armor Front and Back.png

Cosmetic Type Costume
Accessories 9 in total
Rarity Legendary
Price 1,600 gems
Availability Available
Hero Dryad

Crafted from the finest Frost Cores, Adamantite and Titanium Bars.

The Frost Armor is a legendary costume for The Dryad. It's purchasable for 800 gems from the Seamstress or in the cosmetic interface.


Changeable - Head Pieces

Accessory Rarity Flavor Text In-Game
Frost Helmet Icon.png

Frost Helmet

Previously encased in gold.
Yetipelt Helm Icon.png

Yetipelt Helm

Yeti were harmed to make this.
Frozen Vortex Helmet Icon.png

Frozen Vortex Helmet

Provides more accurate targeting.
Frozen Shroomite Headgear Icon.png

Frozen Shroomite Headgear

For stealthier infiltrations.

Changeable - Torso Pieces

Accessory Rarity Flavor Text In-Game
Frost Breastplate Icon.png

Frost Breastplate

The black and blue aura has been replaced.
Yetipelt Armor Icon.png

Yetipelt Armor

Tough armor made from real Yeti pelts.

Changeable - Legs

Accessory Rarity Flavor Text In-Game
Frost Leggings Icon.png

Frost Leggings

Is it melee attack speed? Or melee speed?
Yetipelt Leggings Icon.png

Yetipelt Leggings

Traps heat and protects your legs.


Accessory Rarity Piece Flavor Text
Frozen Wings Icon.png

Frozen Wings

Wings Doesn't glow in the dark.

Notes and Trivia

  • The flavor text of this costume is referencing how to actually craft the armor in Terraria as the Frost Armor is an actual armor there.
  • The Frozen Vortex Helmet and Frozen Shroomite Headgear are frozen versions of Terraria's Vortex Helmet and Shroomite Headgear from their respective armor sets. These versions are unique to DD2.
  • The flavor text of the Frost Leggings refers to the tooltip of its Terraria counterpart where unlike all other armors, the Frost Legging increases melee attack speed instead of melee speed. In actuality, both mean the same.
  • The wallpaper depicts The Dryad in Frost Armor wielding the Frostbrand Icon.png Frostbrand, a weapon from the Drakenfrost weapon set and also a weapon from Terraria.
  • With the Yetipelt accessories, the Frost Armor can be considered the second costume to have an existing enemy from the Old One's Army as part of the costume's theme since it's based in the Yeti miniboss. The first being the Goblin Infiltrator Huntress and third - Drakenlord Armor for the Squire.
  • The Dryad in Frost Armor was created as a concept all the way back when The Dryad was in development.
  • This costume does have unique animations for spawning, victory and death.
  • Unlike other Dryad costumes, the Frost Armor has the energy orb on her left hand have an additional ice blue effect mixed with the green.



  • Drakenfrost Logo.png 4.2 : Introduced.