Glacial Predator

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Glacial Predator


Glacial Predator Front and Back.png

Cosmetic Type Costume
Accessories 5 in total
Rarity Mythical
Price 800 gems
Availability Available
Hero Monk

This was worn by warriors that trained at the Drakenfrost Mountain Temple.

The Glacial Predator is a Mythical costume for the Monk. It's purchasable for 800 gems from the Seamstress.


Changeable - Head Pieces

Accessory Rarity Flavor Text In-Game
Frost Iron Hat Icon.png

Frost Iron Hat

It's pointedly stylish.
Tundracat Helmet Icon.png

Tundracat Hlemet

Grants sight beyond sight.


Accessory Rarity Piece Flavor Text
Frost Warrior's Garb Icon.png

Frost Warrior's Garb

Torso Comfortably lined up with tundra cat pelts.
Braided Frost Belt Icon.png

Braided Frost Belt

Waist It takes three pelts to make a single belt.
Ice Skim Runners Icon.png

Ice Skim Runners

Legs These boots can grip on any icy surface.

Notes and Trivia

  • In the cosmetics interface, the Glacial Predator is listed as "exclusive" thus making it unable to be bought there thus leaving the Seamstress as the only place that you can purchase the costume. This is most likely a bug.
  • The Drakenfrost Update wallpaper shows the Glacial Predator wielding the Glaive of Winters Icon.png Glaive of Winters.



  • Drakenfrost Logo.png 4.2 : Introduced.