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The wiki applies templates for multiple functions, but in the end there are 3 major types of template. Templates are applied by putting the name of the template inside double curved brackets, such as {{stub}} for the Stub Template.

System Template

A system template is a template which handles a system task for the entire wiki. These are major templates that handle wiki elements such as the Datafield feature. While most users will never need to edit these templates regardless of wiki contribution type, nearly every editor should be familiar with them as they could be useful to apply on several kinds of pages. For example, pages needing additional details should have the "stub" template applied (which was used in the example at the start of this page).

Visual Template

A visual template is a template which formats a section with a special layout that might be reused multiple times across the wiki. Using a visual template, if the layout of content for an area is changed, it will change in multiple places with a single edit, making consistent formatting very easy. This is done for articles such as "Abilities" and "Defenses", to make sure that they have a consistent layout.

Data Template

A data template is a template which collects information that is to appear in multiple places, often with different kinds of formatting. This is often used in combination with a visual template, as well as with Calculators and Data Tables to not only have consistency across multiple pages for a value that might change, but also one that can be calculated by the server. Data Templates are usually very simple with formatting, so that even the most inexperienced editor can edit the value without having to worry about how it is formatted and where else it might be recorded, by making use of the Datafield Template.