Queen Death Weaver

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Queen Death Weaver
Chaos VIII - Queen Death Weaver.png
Enemy Types Chaos, Miniboss, Ranged
Lane Type Ground Spawn Symbol.png Ground
Appearances Chaos VIII Expeditions, Onslaught, Incursions, Mastery, & Survival
Schedule Icon QueenDeathWeaverHeadIcon.png

The Queen Death Weaver is a miniboss enemy first found on Chaos VIII. She is the miniboss version of the Death Weaver.


Queen Death Weaver's primary attack.

When spawned, the Queen Death Weaver will slowly crawl towards the core, potentially attacking heroes or defenses that aggroes them. The miniboss doesn't attack regular towers unless they completely block her path but any nearby heroes or blockades will easily get her attention.

Her attack only consists of firing ranged projectiles that deals magical damage. The attacks also web targets up on hit, slowing them down (supposedly, as that doesn't work right now). Unlike regular Death Weavers, she does not have a melee attack nor does she leaves a giant debuffing web on the ground when defeated.

The Queen Death Weaver does not move as fast as Tuskars or Quiblys, her speed is roughly comparable to a miniboss like Thorc.


Currently the Queen Death Weaver is one of the least threatening minibosses as she doesn't leave any webbings on the ground on death like regular Death Weavers do. Any viable strategies available should be sufficient provided the defenses used are strong enough.

M.O.D.S. related with Queen Death Weaver

With that said, Queen Death Weavers does take more damage from defenses equipped with M.O.D.S. such as Anti-Chaos Servo, Anti-Ranged Servo or Anti-Miniboss Servo. Heroes will have an easier time dealing with her if their weapons are equipped with M.O.D.S. such as Chaos Chip, Ranged Chip or Miniboss Chip. The extra damage from each mods are additive with each other.

Additional, if Range-Boom, Chaos-Boom, Miniboss-Boom Servos and Rangesplosion, Chaosplosion and Minibossplosion Chips are equipped on relics and weapons respectively, the Queen Death Weaver will detonate on death dealing damage to other nearby enemies. However, since Chaos 8 is near late-game, Boom builds are virtually useless by that point as there are much better mods to use.


In Chaos 8 Expeditions/Mastery the Queen Death Weaver will have a chance to spawn on wave 5 as a frontline miniboss. As for Chaos 8 Prime Incursions, multiple Queen Death Weavers can also spawn in various lanes at the same time from wave 2 onwards.

And in Onslaught, the Queen Death Weaver starts appearing at Floor ??? in a specific ground schedule called "Arachnophobia". Every wave, the lane is guaranteed to spawn a Queen Death Weaver. In a Lost Temple Omega Wave, the Arachnophobia lane will only spawn three Queen Death Weavers.

Unlike most minibosses, the Queen Death Weaver is not part of the roster that spawns a random miniboss for the players to deal with each wave in Onslaught.


  • CG dev IDHC revealed that the projectiles Queen Death Weavers fires are bugged. They're supposed to web any towers/blockade-type defenses the projectiles hit.


  • DD2 Splash Logo.png December 15th 2021 : Added to Onslaught through the Arachnophobia schedule.
  • DD2 Splash Logo.png July 27th 2021 : Introduced.