Scarecrow Apprentice

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Scarecrow Apprentice

Scarecrow Apprentice Wallpaper.jpg

Scarecrow Apprentice View.png

Cosmetic Type Costume
Accessories 10 in total
Rarity Powerful
Price 800 gems
Availability Obtainable
Hero Apprentice

Let me tell you why your current skin isn't good enough. Includes 9 Mythical Accessories.

The Scarecrow Apprentice is a powerful costume for the Apprentice. It's purchasable for 800 gems from the Seamstress or in the cosmetic interface.



Accessory Rarity Flavor Text In-Game
1. Fitted Felt Hat.png

Fitted Felt Hat

Epic Every Apprentice has his hat. Even built ones.


Accessory Rarity Flavor Text In-Game
2. Crow's Mask.png

Crow's Mask

Mythical You still have your ability to chat, even with your mouth shut.
3. Evil Straw Mask.png

Evil Straw Mask

Mythical Somehow can store as much blue mana as the real head.
4. Dummy Mask.png

Dummy Mask

Mythical Blind Headshots? No problem.
5. Smirking Pumpkin.png

Smirking Pumpkin

Mythical 100% Organic Headwear.


Accessory Rarity Flavor Text In-Game
6. Straw & Cloth Tatters.png

Straw & Cloth Tatters

Mythical Held together by just a thread. A lot of it. Example
7. Limbs and Branches Body.png

Limbs & Branches Body

Mythical The most limber of limbs!
8. Raven's Nest.png

Raven's Nest

Mythical Has room for your pet. No, not your Gato! Example


Accessory Rarity Flavor Text In-Game
9. Balancing Stilts.png

Balancing Stilts

Mythical One step at a time, don't fall! Example
10. Patched up Pants.png

Patched up Pants

Mythical It's impossible to match patches. It just doesn't happen!


  • This costume has unique animations for Healing and On Death.
  • The Scarecrow is introduced to celebrate Thanksgiving in 2015.


  • [Early Access] : Introduced.