Serving Servant

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Pet Stats

Attack Rate: [?-?]
Number of hits per attack: ?
Attack growth per level: +?

Stat Hatchling (1-10) Fledgling (11-25) Veteran (26-45) Elder (46-60) Maxed out (60)
Basic lvl. Attack Damage [] [] [] [] []
Basic lvl. max DPS


Stranglethorn - Fires a piercing vine that stuns and deals 180% earth Hero Damage per second for 5s. Cooldown of 30.00s

Poisonous Tips - Attacks deal 120% bonus earth damage for 8s. Cooldown of 45.00s

Stinky Pits - Deals 300% earth Hero Damage each second for 6s to nearby enemies. Cooldown of 45.00s

Oil Spit - Lobs an oiling blob at enemies, dealing 1500% earth Hero Damage and slowing them by 40% for 5s. Cooldown of 30.00s

Rock Throw - Throws a rock dealing 2500% earth Hero Damage and knockback to one enemy. Cooldown of 30.00s