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Chaos II Incursions
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<u>Playing Tips ('''WARNING - SPOILERS''')</u>:
<div class="mw-collapsible-content"> [[File:Wyvern_Enthusiast_extra_air_lane.png|The highlighted air enemy spawn icon signifies the 3rd air lane.|thumb]]The key to this map is to counter Cyborks in each lane and having plenty of air defenses against the large amount of fliers that will come from 3 directions. A 3rd air lane is added on the north end of the map(Birch Path - above Ruin Cave lane). Each air lane has up to three different types of enemies ([[Wyverns]], [[Kobolds_(Flying)|Flying Kobolds]], and [[Lightning Bugs]]). Cyborks will target auras, nodes, and traps but do not target towers. The more range your towers have, the better. Air lanes will number from 30-50 in each lane as waves progress, and typically all spawn late in the wave. On Wave 4, one air lane will drop to only 12 enemies, and on Wave 5 all three drop to only 12. This means you can readjust your air defenses on the last waves, and possibly move some towers into position to help with minibosses instead.
[[File:Wyvern_Enthusiasts.png|500px|From left to right - '''Timothy, Wyvern Fan''' , '''Jimothy, Wyvern Enthusiast''' and '''Gregory, Wyvern Aficionado'''.|thumb]]
On Wave 5, three [[Ogre|Ogres]] with unique armor flairs will spawn as minibosses. You can see where and in what order the ogres will spawn on the lane schedules, as the first type Ogre ('''Timothy, Wyvern Fan''') spawns first, and second type ('''Jimothy, Wyvern Enthusiast''') second, and the third ('''Gregory, Wyvern Aficionado''') spawns last. The Ogre spawns are delayed to be spread out. No Ogres will come from the Middle West spawn point(Spooky Woods lane). The only additional miniboss that spawns is [[Thorc_the_Terrible|Thorc]]. He can spawn on multiple waves, and more than one lane at a time, but his spawn rate is low.</div>

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