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==Prime Incursions==
<big>What are they?</big>[[File:Prime_Incursions_Icon.png|thumb]]
They <big>'''What are the highest and newest tier of incursions, selectable from the Incursions tab on the War Table. There are six different groups of incursions to play through that are releasing over time. You are able to play them as they are unleashed, the only thing that can hold you back is your own skill!?'''</big>
[[Prime Incursions]] are the next tier of Incursions after Chaos VII Incursions. Instead of having new incursions, this tier consist of a harder version of all the current Incursions from previous Chaos difficulty tiers and a boss fight at the end. The Prime Incursions are divided into six groups with each group getting harder than the last.
<big>What are the rewards?'''Rewards'''</big>
Prime Incursions have three different rewards associated with them'''1.Victory Chest loot'''
Aside from the Victory Chest having a chance to drop the incursion's respective special weapon, the chest also have a chance to drop two more items:
<u> ''Prime Weapons'1. ' </u> -These weapon with unique new models drops with Chaos VIII Ampoules'''stats fully upgraded. Furthermore, they are also rolled with curated "fan-favorites" shot/swing types and M.O.D.S. Each Prime group would have a pool of 4 different prime weapons.
Each <u>''Chaos VIII Ampoules'' </u> -Like Chaos VIII Onslaught, each Prime Incursion has the also have a chance to drop of dropping a Chaos VIII Ampouleampoules from its victory chest. As you continuously progress, The the Incursions get more and more difficult. As such, we wanted to increase difficulty the drop rate of Chaos VIII Ampoules to match that increase in difficulty. These Incursions can get pretty toughincursions are, which led us to making the hardest of these challenges have higher the highest drop chance rates for Chaos VIII Ampoulesthe ampoules are.
'''2. Hyper Shards -'''
'''2. Chaos VIII Weapons''' We’ve added a whole new slew of weapons with new weapon models that are only available through Each Prime Incursions. There’s over 25 new weapons to collect, sure to scratch that collector’s itch! That’s not all there is to these weapons. Each weapon is upgraded to Chaos VIII, at Incursion group cleared for the full 5/5 upgrade quality! That means they are perfectly upgraded, letting you focus on using Chaos VIII Amps to upgrade your relics and armor instead. Alongside these upgrades, we’ve curated these weapons to be what you really want. They have some of the most alluring shot and swing types many of you enjoy. ALONGSIDE THAT, included are curated mods specific to these weapons that really ensure these drops feel good and pack a punch!  '''3. Hyper Shards''' Hyper Shards are something every player wants to boost up their arsenal. Previously, they were only acquired through Mastery completion, requiring a specific amount of Mastery Stars. Now, in Prime Incursions, you earn first time would reward a Hyper Shard for every group you complete. There are And after clearing all six groups total, so if you complete all six of the groupings, you 'll earn the seventh Hyper Shard as a capstone reward! This means you can now have up . These hyper shards are identical to TWO of each Hyper Shard in your ranks, pushing back the Old Ones forces more hyper-er than before.  <big>Prime Incursion Release Dates</big> Today (August 28th 2019) we released the first two groups of Prime Incursionsones earned from Mastery, Prime I and Prime II. Each of these groups contains 3 incursions, for a total of 6 to conquer. Every week, on Wednesday @ 9AM ET, we are releasing a new incursion. This is going until early November, giving meaning you content 'll be able to come back each week to enjoy. Here’s the schedule Prime I & II: August 28th<br />Prime III Malthius: September 4th<br />Prime III Power Surge: September 11th<br />Prime IV Dark Awakening: September 18th<br />Prime IV Return to Maldonis: September 25th<br />Prime IV Bastille Master: October 2nd<br />Prime V Altar have two sets of the Athame: October 9th<br />them when you complete both Mastery and Prime V Revenge of the Yetis: October 16th<br />Prime V Spectral Assault: October 23rd<br />Prime VI Dawn of the Blood Moon: October 30th<br />Prime VI BETSY: November 5th    ===Prime I Incursions===   <u>Maps</u><br />Griblok's Horde - [[The Gates of Dragonfall]] (Dragonfall Town), 5 waves.<br />Chrome Enemies - [[Forgotten Ruins]] (Ancient Ruins), 5 waves.<br />Kobold Bling King - [[Little-Horn Valley]] (Dragonfall Town), 5 waves.     ===Prime II Incursions===   <u>Maps</u><br />Wyvern Enthusiast - [[Forest Crossroads]] (The Liferoot), 5 waves.<br />Forrest Poachers - [[Liferoot Forest]] (The Liferoot), 5 waves. <br />The Demon's Lair - [[Molten Citadel]] (Lost Dungeons), 3 waves.

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