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Javelin Throwers

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== Description ==
The Javelin Thrower is a ranged ground [[:Category:Enemies|enemy]]type that throws piercing spears, these are typically thrown at the bottom of [[Defense#Types|blockades]] causing it to hit the ground afterwards. It out-ranges almost every tier 1 has decent health and deals a moderate amount of damage.  == Strategy ==Placing [[:Category:Defense|defensedefenses]] and throws piercing javelins that deal have long range or placing [[:Category:Physical DamageDefense#Types|physical damagetraps]].and [[Category:EnemiesDefense#Types|auras]]The first defense hit by these javelins in the lane will extend the max kill them before they get into range of the javelin causing it to pierce through that defense in the same directionattack. It would be wise They die relatively easy to any damage done to keep this factor in mind when building your defensesthem. == Schedule Icon ==[[File:Spear Thrower.png]] [[Category:Physical DamageEnemies]]

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