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Missing shards for Adept (2017.08.)


Please be aware, that Wither Shield has already (as of 2017.10.) been renamed to Wither Bubble.

   Wither Shield:  Arcane Bubble withers enemies inside it increasing the damage they take by X%.
       Found in the Chaos 1 Shard Pack.
   Sanctuary: Heroes inside the Arcane Bubble shield heal X% of their health per second during the duration of the bubble.
       Found in the Chaos 2 Shard Pack.
   Icefall:  Hailstorm Tower attacks have a X% chance on hit to freeze enemies for 2 seconds.
       Found in the Chaos 2 Shard Pack.
   Thunderwave:  Arc Lightning deals X% Ability Power as damage to all enemies around you.
       Found in the Chaos 3 Shard Pack.
   Arc Shielding: Arc Lightning places a shield on you that lasts 20 seconds that absorbs X% of your Ability Power. Enemies that hit the shield are damaged for a total of Y% of your Ability Power over 3 seconds.
       Found in the Chaos 4 Shard Pack.
   Marking Bubble: Arcane Bubble will place a Mark on all enemies in the initial spawn area and increases Mark count X.
       Found in the Chaos 4 Shard Pack.
   Thunderbolts and Lightning:  Increases the damage of Arc Lightning by X%.
       Found in the Chaos 5 Shard Pack.
   Explosive Finale:  Upon completion, the Arcane Bubble explodes dealing X% Ability Power damage to all enemies in and around the bubble.
       Found in the Chaos 6 Shard Pack.
   Glacier: Every 10 attacks, Hailstorm Tower fires an icy boulder that explodes on impact dealing X% Defense Power as damage in a small area.
       Found in the Chaos 7 Shard Pack.
   Withering Blast: Enemies damaged by Arcane Barrier take 20% increased damage for 3 seconds. 
       Found in the Revenge of the Yeti Incursion.
All the shards are now added. Sonny6155 (talk) 00:36, 20 October 2017 (EDT)