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Minimap default.jpg


Main Cores {{{MCores}}}
Sub Cores {{{SCores}}}
Ground Lanes {{{GLanes}}}
Air Lanes {{{ALanes}}}
Mana Chests {{{MChests}}}
Defense Units {{{DU}}}


Parameter Description
MCores Total amount of Main Cores.
SCores Total amount of Sub Cores.
GLanes Total amount of Ground Lanes.
ALanes Total amount of Air Lanes.
MChests Total amount of Chests on the map.
DU Defense Unit Limit.
description Description of the map.
MapName Name of the map.


{{MapInfoBox | name=The Gates of DragonFall | MCores=1 | SCores=1 | GLanes=2 | ALanes=3 | MChests=1 | DU=50 | description=Squire, put a description here.}} produces the following:

Minimap default.jpg

The Gates of Dragonfall

Main Cores 1
Sub Cores 1
Ground Lanes 2
Air Lanes 3
Mana Chests 1
Defense Units 50

Squire, put a description here.

— Tavern Keeper