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Protean Weapons

Protean weapons can be found in the Emporium, but you must go to the actual store, not the menu. Protean weapons are all chaos 0, so you must start from scratch If you want to upgrade. You can sell them at your shop, but they must not be upgraded, since It binds it to the player. They shrink a enemy into the void and comes with every type of own protean weapon in the game. You can also hold for a weapon demo at the Emporium shop. Most Protean Weapons cost 250 Gems. (Blue loopy things) Every Protean Weapon cannot be sold. All Protean Weapon have a effect, called, Shrinkinator. Shrinkinator is just a different death animation.

Demo Projector: "Equip Protean Weapons to Shrinkinate your enemies! All enemies killed with basic attacks will be sent into a void from which there is no return! Patent pending."

Protean Weapons: Protean Sweeper: (useable for Gunwitch) Hero Damage: 210 (202-225); Hero Health: 149 (135-152) Protean Axe: (useable for Barbarian) Hero Damage: 225 (202-225); Hero Health: 147 (135-152) Protean Bow: (useable for Huntress) Hero Damage: 219 (202-225); Hero Health: 142 (135-152) Protean Canister: (useable for Series EV2) Hero Damage: 220 (202-225); Ability Power: 140 (135-152) Protean Impaler: (useable for Mystic) Hero Damage: 223 (202-225); Hero Health: 139 (135-152) Protean Smasher: (useable for Lavamancer) Hero Damage: 223 (202-225); Hero Health: 145 (135-152) Protean Polearm: (useable for Monk; Initiate) Hero Damage: 208 (202-225); Ability Power: 148 (135-152) Protean Protector: (useable for Squire) Armor: 90 (84-94); Hero Health: 56 (51-57) Protean Staff: (useable for Apprentice; Adept) Hero Damage: 225 (202-225); Ability Power: 140 (135-152) Protean Cleaver: (useable for Squire; Dryad; Barbarian) Hero Damage: 219 (202-225); Hero Health: 137 (135-152) Protean Tablet: (useable for Abyss Lord) Hero Damage: 221 (202-225); Ability Power: 138 (135-152)