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There are currently 2 Different Hubs in the game, the Private Tavern and the Heroes Market Place also known as the Town.
This is where you'll spend any time not in battle to sell, buy, manage, tinker and test any gear you've found in combat.

The Tavern and Town also posses multiple NPCs with various shops, services and fun interactions.

The War Table

The War Table as it appears in-game.

The War Table is the means by which players can start and join games in Dungeon Defenders 2. The war table is directly in front of the player when they enter the town or tavern. Interacting with the War Table brings up the World Map, which allows players to select maps based on which gamemode and difficulty they want. Players can also click the Advanced tab in the top right to have more options, selecting maps, regions, difficulty, mode and creating a game with a name and requirements to join.
You can also browse for other people's open games here.

The Emporium

The Emporium consists of 4 Vendors that sell costumes for you, your towers, and even has weapons with on-kill animations.
The Emporium is furthermore filled with different Costumes and Tower skins

The Training Dummies

These fine indestructible dummies will show you how much damage a tower, or hero, does with its attacks.
Damage numbers can have a white, purple and red color. White is physical damage, purple is magical damage and red are critical hits. The smaller dummies show a general DPS in yellow letters every few seconds.
The bigger dummies will show the total amount of damage done to them, how much time it took and the corresponding DPS. Each big dummy has a name, these names refer to developers, closed beta testers and influencers of the game.

The names in alphabetical order:
Adviser Juicebags, Agent Travis, Analyst Hybrass, Araya the Departed, Artmaster Smith, Assessor Draco,
Bearded Javahawk, Beloved Iamisom, Blacksmith the Departed, Braiku the Departed, Brawley the Departed,
Cartographer Danimix,
Daddy Elandrian, Dan4rt the Departed, Dekhadmai the Cat, Derek DaBeard, Detective Sho, Droydn the Departed, Duke Driscan,
Edgelord Funshine, Edgy Wrecked, Emperor Groz, Enrique the Departed, Essentially Jose, Examiner Matt, Expert Zenerap,
Friar Junbao,
Good Enough Goodsell,
Ice the Banhammer, Inspector J Shirts,
Javo the Wrathful, Jephya the Riot,
Kerpow the Departed, King Urfyness, Knight the Departed,
MaxLvlRaidBoss, Merchant Karthik, Mister Roadhouse, Modified Telfer,
Narrator Rusty,
Only DanH,
Petire Bugmaster, Puppetmaster Muskie,
Riglord Kalapala, Robo-Brett,
Schwifty Geez, Sir Philip Bugslayer, Skillful Seven, Sleuth Crayon, Sleuth Xeno, Slightly Dani, Spy Skinnerbomb, Stowns the Departed, Stuntlord Esorath,
Timmy Trash Tier, The Keithimator, The Other Rusty, Twitchy A4_Rob,
Virtuoso Kid A,
Warden Lawlta, Wise Alhanalem, Worldshaper Jesus,