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Inventory View

Defender Packs provide a way to get costumes without purchasing premium currency. This allows Free to Play players to customize their characters.

The Defender packs are earned through the Onslaught Game mode that released on December 12th 2017. These Defender Packs can be re-rolled with defender medals depending on how many times you reroll them.

When a Defender Pack is opened you can get any cosmetic, skin, tower skin, pet consumables, or pets that is currently obtainable in the game.

The only flairs that can't be obtained are the mastery exclusive flairs, and the onslaught floor exclusive flairs.

Reroll Cost

It is not recommended to reroll any types of defender packs.

Rerolls Defender Pack Epic Pack Mythical Pack
1 100 300 1,000
2 300 600 2,000
3 900 1,200 4,000
4 2,700 2,400 8,000
5 8,100 4,800 16,000
6 24,300 9,600 32,000
7 72,900 19,200 64,000