Hex Thrower

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Hex Thrower
Chaos VI Enemy - Hex Thrower.png
Enemy Types Ranged, Chaos
Lane Type Ground Spawn Symbol.png Ground
Appearances Expeditions, Onslaught, Incursions and Mastery
Schedule Icon Regular Hex Thrower Icon.png

Using mighty javelins that curses defenses from long, the Hex Thrower is a featured Chaos enemy.


Hex Thrower's Curse Spot.gif

Hex Throwers behaves similarly to regular Javelin Throwers with the addition of the ability to have one of the longest ranges out of many enemies. Their javelins also produces a curse spot that debuffs any Defenses within the spot's range, reducing Defense Power by 50%. This only happens if the projectile has struck a tower or blockade, nothing will be produced if a javelin hits a hero or the floor.

A single curse spot roughly lasts for about 10 seconds before disappearing. Multiple curse spots produced by different or same Hex Throwers may overlap but does not result in any stacking of the debuff.


Hex Throwers, by nature, are one of the easier Chaos enemies to fight. While they are able to target your towers from afar, they still prioritize Blockades like most enemies, so they are not as much of a threat to non-DPS Blockades in terms of targeting. EV2's Reflect Beam can be very useful for reflecting the javelins, as well as any other projectiles to keep your towers alive. If you don't have EV2, avoid clumping defenses around your Blockades as curse spots has enough range to affect any nearby defenses.

Be wary of Hex Thrower activities in maps (such as Throne Room or Embermount Volcano etc.) where cores are happened to be positioned in places that can potentially be easily sniped at due the throwers' long range of attack. To solve this, either utilize spawn-camping strategies to eliminate Hex Throwers early or go for wrapping the cores with Reflect Beams to prevent any unexpected snipes.


For Expeditions, Incursions and Mastery, Hex Throwers first appears in Chaos 6 and all subsequent Chaos tiers.

In Onslaught, Hex Throwers starts appearing in floor 21 onwards as part of lane schedules with "Hex" prefixes.

Sniper Warbleed
Chaos VI Enemy - Sniper Warbleed.png
Enemy Types Ranged, Chaos, Miniboss
Lane Type Ground Spawn Symbol.png Ground
Appearances Expeditions, Onslaught, Incursions and Mastery
Schedule Icon Hex Thrower Miniboss Icon.png

Miniboss Variant - Sniper Warbleed

The mini-boss variant for Hex Throwers is Sniper Warbleed, a larger and much more visually armored Hex Thrower. Aside from having more health and dealing more damage, Warbleed's ability is identical to regular Hex Throwers.

Sniper Warbleed has a chance of appearing on wave 5 in Chaos 6 and can also appear on Omega Waves (wave 6) in The Lost Temple in Onslaught.

Notes and Trivia

Hex Thrower Icon.png
  • For some reason, Sniper Warbleed is using the regular Hex Thrower icon despite having his very own icon already made. Currently the only appearance of Warbleed's original icon is in a loading screen featuring Chaos enemies within Expeditions... used as a representation of a regular Hex Thrower.


  • [Early Access] 20.0 : Introduced.