Shield Geode

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Chaos III Enemy - Geode.png
A Geode core.
Enemy Types Support, Chaos, Ranged.
Lane Type Ground Spawn Symbol.png Ground
Appearances Expeditions, Onslaught, Incursions and Mastery
Schedule Icon Geode Icon.png

The Geode (or Shield Geode) is a featured Chaos enemy. They are known for being ancient war devices that have been deployed to deflect incoming projectile attacks.


Geode Projectile Deflection.gif

Geodes has moderate health, deals no damage, and generates a large shield bubble around itself that deflects projectiles in random directions. Reflected projectiles can deal massive damage to your own defenses and even rarely hit your crystal core.

A geode's shield bubble will go down once its core has been destroyed. Stunning a geode core will also disable the shield, though that'll only be temporary as the bubble will become active again once the effect wears off.


Avoid using projectile attacks unless you are equipped with a piercer servo or piercer chip. Exceptions like projectile firing pawn-based defenses can be used since they travel beyond the shield bubble to attack the geode core.


For Expeditions, Incursions and Mastery, Geodes first appears in Chaos 3. They then also appear in all Chaos difficulties above Chaos 3.

In Onslaught, Vanguards starts appearing from floor 9 onwards as part of schedules with "Geo" prefixes. Other schedules include:

  • The Front Line
Geode Prime

(Leader of the Shield Geodes)

Chaos III Enemy - Geode.png
Enemy Types Support, Chaos, Ranged, Miniboss.
Lane Type Ground Spawn Symbol.png Ground
Appearances Expeditions, Onslaught, Incursions and Mastery
Schedule Icon Geode Prime lane icon.png

Miniboss Variant - Geode Prime

Geode Prime's shield size.png

Geode Prime - Leader of the Shield Geodes is a larger Geode who has more health than regular Geodes. The shield he generates is significantly larger than regular Geodes.

It has a chance of appearing on wave 5 in Chaos 3 and can also appear on Omega Waves (wave 6) in The Lost Temple in Onslaught.

Notes and Trivia

  • It seems that it was originally intended for Geode Prime to debuff defenses within its shield, but this does not seem to work.
“What an unusual creature. Or is it a device? I can’t really tell. The little guy doesn’t eat. Doesn’t drink. Just follows orders. But it gets angry if you poke it with a spear as one of our scouts discovered. RIP Eddie. You were an idiot, but the kind of idiot everyone needs in a group. You completed us!
We saw the Orcs testing the Geode in their training exercises. It emits some sort of shield when activated. I wonder if the Geode itself is vulnerable to attack. Hmm, maybe it wasn’t angry when Eddie hit it with the spear. Maybe it was scared.”


Trials Report #3 - Geodes


  • [Early Access] 19.0 : Introduced.