Sonic Bat

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Sonic Bat
Sonic Bat.png
Attacks enemies with piercing sonic waves, stunning them for a short duration.
Defense Statistics
Hero: Hunter
Defense Type: Tower
Level Required: 1
Mana Cost: 40
Damage Type: Magical
Status Effect: Stun

The Sonic Bat stuns enemies upon impact. The stun effect can be canceled using the Overpowering Screech shard from Chaos 3, in exchange for increased damage potential.

Attribute Tier One Tier Two Tier Three Tier Four Tier Five
Attack Scalar
Defense Power (x)
3.5x 4.375x 5.25x 6.125x 7.0x
Health Scalar
Defense Health (x)
3.5x 4.025x 4.55x 5.075x 5.6x