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Chaos I Enemy - Vanguard.png
Enemy Types Goblin, Melee, Chaos
Lane Type Ground Spawn Symbol.png Ground
Appearances Expeditions, Onslaught, Incursions and Mastery
Schedule Icon Vanguard Icon.png

The Vanguard is a featured Chaos enemy. They are highly trained deflection experts and masters of frontal shields defensive tactics.


Vanguard Projectile Blocking.gif

A Vanguard has relatively low health and deals a small amount of damage but they are bigger in size than the average goblins. The main feature of this enemy is that it carries a shield which blocks projectiles rendering them useless.

Multiple vanguards as packs are often spawned in the front of other enemies - this frontal formation allows the vanguards to not only protect themselves but their enemy allies from projectile attacks as well.


Avoid using projectile based defenses and heroes unless you are equipped with a piercer servo or piercer chip. However, their shield only blocks their front side, so they can also be damaged from behind with projectiles from backward-faced defenses or pawn-based traps.


For Expeditions, Incursions and Mastery, Vanguards first appears in Chaos 1. It then also appears in all Chaos difficulties other than Chaos 2.

In Onslaught, Vanguards starts appearing from floor 3 onwards as part of schedules with "Vanguard" or "-guard" prefixes/suffixes. Other schedules include:

  • Timmy's Revenge
  • Sparks and Shields
  • The Front Line
  • Mob Gallery
  • Omega Squad Beta
  • Omega Squad Delta
Shield Goblin Gorbstock
Chaos I Enemy - Shield Goblin Gorbstock.png
Enemy Types Goblin, Melee, Chaos, Miniboss
Lane Type Ground Spawn Symbol.png Ground
Appearances Expeditions, Onslaught, Incursions and Mastery
Schedule Icon Gorbstock lane icon.png

Miniboss Variant - Shield Goblin Gorbstock

Shield Goblin Gorbstock is a larger and differently colored Vanguard miniboss who deals more damage and has more health than regular Vanguards, but otherwise functions the same way as regular Vanguards. He has a chance of appearing on wave 5 in Chaos 1 and can also appear on Omega Waves (wave 6) in The Lost Temple in Onslaught.

Notes and Trivia

“Prime Scout Scout here. I’ve been scouting all week, and scout’s honor, I’ve discovered a new enemy. These little guys walk about in packs, and the things I’ve seen their shields wipe doubt, we’re gonna need to change strategy.
This has been a scouting report from Prime Scout Scout. Over and out.”



  • [Early Access] 19.0 : Introduced.