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Dragonfall Popcorn Machine

Dragonfall Popcorn Machine Icon.png
Dragonfall Popcorn Machine

The Popcorn Machine is a really powerful machine used to apply many buffs onto heroes and to their defenses.
This machine when placed will remain for 60 seconds and can be applied to an unlimited amount of heroes and players within it's minute duration.
Each of the following buffs will only remain active onto the active hero within the hero deck with a 60 minute timer displayed by a pink crystal icon under the player's health bar:

  • Defense Power Icon.png +20% Defense Power
  • Defense Health Icon.png +20% Defense Health
  • Hero Damage Icon.png +20% Hero Damage
  • Hero Health Icon.png +20% Hero Health
  • Hero Crit Chance Icon.png +20% Hero Crit Chance
  • Hero Crit Damage Icon.png +20% Hero Crit Damage

Notes : The Popcorn Machine does not give Defense Crit Chance despite saying so on it's description.

The Popcorn Machines aren't stackable with one another meaning placing two machines will not double any buffs, this also applies to the timer meaning it will have to fully run out before getting it again.

Carnival Consumable Buffs

The Carnival Consumable Buffs were first introduced in the Dragonfall Carnival Event in 2016 but was brought back through Ol Peepers (daily login vendor) is often obtained within his Carnival Crates.
Each of them providing different buffs, they also all take after an existing flair within the game.

Rainbow Fro

Rainbow Fro Icon.png
Rainbow Fro

We aren't clowning around. There's a pot of gold at the end of your fro!

The Rainbow Fro is essentially a meme giving the player a clown head and giving the player the ability to spawn cats much like Master of Cats mod from the Meowmere Icon.png Meowmere weapon. These effects are for 30 minutes.

Lucky Bunny Mask

Bunny Mask Icon.jpg
Lucky Bunny Mask

When a foot just isn't enough.

The Lucky Bunny Mask gives the player +50% jump height which stacks with other jump height increases in the game for 30 minutes.

Trust Me Disguise

Trust Me Icon.jpg
Trust me Disguise

I'm a doctor. Honest!

The Trust Me Disguise gives the player a +25% Hero Damage increase for 30 minutes.

Snow Liger

Snow Liger Mask Icon.jpg
Snow Liger

A mythical creature once rumoured to actually exist.

The Snow Liger gives the player a +25% movement speed increase for 30 minutes.

Imperial Grin

Imperial Grin Icon.jpg
Imperial Grin

Attempts at humor with a golden moustache.

The Imperial Grin gives the wearer +25% damage reduction for 30 minutes.


Needs description.

List of Salves:

  • Spellcasting Salve Icon.png Spellcasting Salve : +20% Ability Power increase for 10 minutes.
  • Enduring Salve Icon.png Enduring Salve : +20% Hero Health increase for 10 minutes.
  • Strongman Salve Icon.png Strongman Salve : +20% Hero Damage increase for 10 minutes.
  • Hastening Salve Icon.png Hastening Salve : ~+660 Movement Speed increase for 10 minutes.
  • Tower of Power Salve Icon.png Tower of Power Salve : +20% Defense Power increase for 10 minutes.
  • Enduring Tower Salve Icon.png Enduring Tower Salve : +20% Defense Health increase for 10 minutes.
  • Impactful Tower Salve Icon.png Impactful Tower Salve : +20% Defense Crit Damage increase for 10 minutes.
  • Impactful Hero Salve Icon.png Impactful Hero Salve : +20% Hero Crit Damage increase for 10 minutes.
  • Lucky Tower Salve Icon.png Lucky Tower Salve : +20% Defense Crit Chance increase for 10 minutes.
  • Lucky Hero Salve Icon.png Lucky Hero Salve : +20% Hero Crit Chance increase for 10 minutes.