Crafting Materials

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Crafting materials are used for various enhancements, such as upgrading gear, moving mods, and rerolling stats.


"A container filled with chaotic energies used to evolve and advance gear."
Ampoules are used to evolve gear to a further Chaos level.

Shard Dust

"Shard Dust used to reroll shards."
Shard Dust is obtained by disenchanting shards. 10 Shard Dust can be used to create a new shard.


The following materials are used to upgrade gear. Plain materials are found in C1-C3, Shiny materials are found in C4-C6, and Pristine materials are found in C7-C9.

Material Icons Region Purpose
Quills Plain Shiny Pristine Dragonfall Castle Used to upgrade helmets
Scales Plain Shiny Shiny The Liferoot (Forest) Used to upgrade chest gear
Rings Plain Shiny Pristine Dragonfall Town Used to upgrade gloves
Leathers Plain Shiny Pristine Leather.png Ancient Ruins Used to upgrade boots
Clusters Plain Shiny Pristine Lost Dungeons Used to upgrade relics
Ingots Plain Shiny Pristine Rotting Ravine Used to upgrade weapons
Motes Plain Shiny Pristine Any Used to upgrade all gear types
Hammers Plain Shiny Pristine Any Used to transfer Mods between two pieces of gear


"A magical talisman which, when used to Reroll, gives a risk-free opportunity to perfect the primary stat of a piece of equipment." Found in High Seas and Tornado Valley maps.


"A magical token which, when used to Reroll, gives a risk-free opportunity to perfect the quality of a MOD." Found in Drakenfrost and the Wild West maps.


  • Drakenfrost Logo.png 4.1 : Added Tokens.
  • Isle of Dread Logo Splash.png 4.0 : Added Talismans.
  • Protean Shift Logo Splash.png 3.0 : Introduced.