Dark Arts Apprentice

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Dark Arts Apprentice

Dark Arts Apprentice Wallpaper.jpg

Apprentice - Dark Arts.jpg

Cosmetic Type Costume
Accessories 13 in total
Rarity Mythical
Price 1,600 gems
Availability Obtainable
Hero Apprentice

What if the gift of magic was used for evil? Included 13 Mythical Accessories.

The Dark Arts Apprentice is Mythical costume for the Apprentice. It's purchasable for 1,600 gems from the Seamstress or in the cosmetic interface.



Accessories Rarity Flavor Text In-Game
Brooding Brimmed Hat Mythical Corrupt AND stylish. Example
Hood of the Dark Arts Mythical Now you can't see his eyes OR his face. Example
Dormant Pillar of Flame Mythical The calm before the (fire)storm. Example
Erupting Pillar of Flame Mythical So THAT'S where he go the idea for the Flameburst tower design. Example


Accessories Rarity Flavor Text In-Game
Dark Cape of Apprenticeship Mythical Blazing a trail of darkness! Example
Dark Cape of Wizardry Mythical Edgy flames and edgy spikes. Great, you're ready to become a villain Example
Dark Cape of the Grand Magus Mythical You're making the Squire jealous with pauldrons like these. Example


Accessories Rarity Flavor Text In-Game
Chained Robe Mythical ...Is that a chain just for the sake of having a chain? Example
Alchemic Robe Mythical Doesn't come with a hotkey to drink the potions. Example
Robe of the Dark Arts Mythical The scrolls aren't lootable on death. Example


Accessories Rarity Flavor Text In-Game
Blazing Dark Shoes Mythical Stylish shoes for kicking evil's butt! Example
Blazing Dark Shinguards Mythical Stylish shinguards for accidentally bumping into blockades! Example
Blazing Dark Greaves Mythical Armored up for some warfighting. Example

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